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Condo name Condo id Status Approval date
Creekbend Townhomes 1-89-COND FHA Approved May 01, 1989
Creekbend Townhouses Condo 1-89COND Withdrawn
Hudson Oaks Condos Sec 1a 1-91CONDO FHA Approved April 29, 1991
The Cloisters 1-94-COND FHA Approved March 14, 1994
Galleria Diplomat Townhomes 10-89COND FHA Approved August 17, 1989
Briarwick Condo 11-11-CON FHA Approved January 01, 1970
Seven Oaks Condominiums 11-89-CON FHA Approved July 31, 1981
Seven Oaks Condominiums 11-89COND FHA Approved August 31, 1989
Egret Bay Villas 12-89-CON FHA Approved January 01, 1990
Greenfield Oaks Th Phase 1 13-90COND FHA Approved January 29, 1990
Hudson Oaks, Sec. 1-b 14-87-DC FHA Approved June 08, 1987
Trafalgar Th No 6 14-90COND FHA Approved March 01, 1990
Bayfront Towers Condominium 140-84-DC FHA Approved February 19, 1985
River Oaks Place Condominiums 17-90COND FHA Approved June 13, 1990
Hudson Oaks, Sec. 2 18-90-CON FHA Approved August 03, 1990
University Green, Sec 4 19-90-DC FHA Approved August 01, 1990
Fontainebleau Cond Sec I & Ii 2-86-COND FHA Approved January 22, 1986
Holly Hall Th Condos 2-89COND FHA Approved June 12, 1989
Hearthwood Ii 2-91-PFS Withdrawn
Hudson Oaks Condos 2-91CONDO Withdrawn
Windsor Park Townhomes 3-89-COND FHA Approved June 01, 1989
Windsor Park Th Condos 3-89COND FHA Approved June 09, 1989
Colonial Village-barren Spring 3-91-COND FHA Approved November 05, 1991
Montreal Place Condominium 4-89-COND FHA Approved June 15, 1989
Meadowwalk Townhomes 4-91-PFS FHA Approved December 04, 1991
Palm Gardens Condominiums 4320 FHA Approved July 27, 1981
Stoney Brook Thse Cond 4357COND FHA Approved December 09, 1981
Parc Iv And V Condominiums 4366 Withdrawn
Pipers Crossing 4408COND FHA Approved July 02, 1982
Westhollow Villa Townhomes 4462 FHA Approved January 02, 1983
Augusta Square 5-89-COND FHA Approved June 22, 1989
Westchase Forest Townhomes 6-89-COND FHA Approved August 01, 1989
Westchase Forest Th Condos 6-89COND FHA Approved June 27, 1989
West Greenridge Circle Condomi 65-84-DC FHA Approved May 16, 1984
Bellerive Townhomes Condominiu 8-85-DC Withdrawn
Bellerive Townhomes Condos 8-85DCCON FHA Approved February 01, 1985
Regency Court Th/condominium, 9-85-DC FHA Approved May 13, 1997
Tanglewest Th Condo 9-89COND FHA Approved August 11, 1989
Heartwood 1 And 2 99999-PFS Withdrawn
Oakhurst Townhouses ASP540 FHA Approved
Lakeside Green Condominiums D000003 FHA Approved September 16, 2009
The Park On Eldridge Condo D000024 FHA Approved October 30, 2009
Floyd Street Condominiums D000051001 FHA Approved 12/01/2009
Kenswick Court Condominium D001246001 FHA Approved 03/01/1984
Bellerive Townhomescondos D001265001 FHA Approved 02/01/1985
Chenevert Condominiums D004577001 FHA Approved 01/11/2010
Contemporary Main Plaza D004733001 FHA Approved 01/22/2010
Contemporary Garden Oaks Townh D004790001 FHA Approved 01/25/2010
Melrose Park Condominium D004918001 FHA Approved 01/27/2010
3525 Sage D005271001 FHA Approved 03/12/2010
Chenevert And Taum Condos D005356001 FHA Approved 04/08/2010
Memorial, The D005359001 FHA Approved 03/25/2010
Ballpark Mews Condominiums D005444001 FHA Approved 04/06/2010
Four Leaf Towers D005499001 FHA Approved 04/12/2010
Courtyards Condo D005559001 FHA Approved 04/19/2010
Oaks @west University Condos D005576001 Rejected,Missing documents or incomplete package submission 04/23/2010
1901 Voss Condominiums D005653001 FHA Approved 04/30/2010
Mark Condominiums D005675001 FHA Approved 05/01/2010
Meadow Chase Condominiums ER1808 FHA Approved
Fondren Crossing Condo Phase 1 ER1873 FHA Approved
Whisper Wood Townhomes Condos H0-C00111 FHA Approved December 13, 2007
Edge Condominiums H0-C00117 FHA Approved November 20, 2008
Tree House Condo HO-C00002 FHA Approved November 09, 1998
Wescott Terrace Condo HO-C00004 FHA Approved May 14, 1999
Woods Of Sugar Pine HO-C00005 FHA Approved May 28, 1999
Riverwalk Condo HO-C00006 FHA Approved June 18, 1999
Marlborough Square Townhomes HO-C00008 FHA Approved January 27, 1999
River Oaks Gardens HO-C00009 FHA Approved August 23, 1999
Post Oak Lane Condos HO-C00010 FHA Approved September 15, 1999
Egret Bay Condos HO-C00011 FHA Approved November 05, 1999
River Stone Condominiums HO-C00013 December 30, 2005
River Stone I Condominiums HO-C00013001 FHA Approved
River Stone I Condominiums HO-C00013002 FHA Approved
Raveneaux Forest Condominium HO-C00014 FHA Approved March 01, 2000
Tanglewilde S Sec 1 HO-C00019 FHA Approved May 25, 2000
Hammerly Woods Condo Ii HO-C00020 FHA Approved July 17, 2000
Kerry Glen Condominiums HO-C00021 FHA Approved July 24, 2000
River Oaks Townhomes HO-C00023 FHA Approved August 16, 2000
Hearthwood Condominiums, Ph. 1 HO-C00027 FHA Approved April 19, 2001
White Oak Condo, Ph. 2 HO-C00029 FHA Approved March 16, 2001
White Oaks Condo, Sec. 1 & 2 HO-C00030 FHA Approved March 16, 2001
Brandy Creek Townhouses HO-C00031 FHA Approved March 27, 2001
Sandman Courts, Phase 1 HO-C00032 FHA Approved April 17, 2001
Trafalgar HO-C00033 FHA Approved April 17, 2001
King's Park Townhomes HO-C00035 FHA Approved April 20, 2001
Arbor Green Condominium HO-C00037 FHA Approved June 04, 2001
Beverly Village Townhomes HO-C00040 Rejected
2016 Main Condo HO-C00042 FHA Approved November 19, 2001
Deacon Condominiums HO-C00043 August 08, 2002
3616 Garrott Townhomes HO-C00044 FHA Approved March 07, 2002
Deerwood Condo HO-C00045 FHA Approved April 08, 2002
University Trace Condos HO-C00046 FHA Approved April 18, 2002
Creekside Terrace Condominiums HO-C00047 July 29, 2002
Oaks Of Woodlake HO-C00048 Rejected
Red Oak Townhomes HO-C00049 FHA Approved October 10, 2002
Taylorcrest Condominiums HO-C00050 FHA Approved November 21, 2002
Waterwood Townhomes Ph 3b HO-C00100 July 20, 2005
Villas At Westwood Condos. HO-C00102 September 23, 2003
Gateway Villas HO-C00103 February 13, 2004
Contemporary Plaza Townhomes HO-C00107 November 30, 2005
Contemporary Plaza Townhomes HO-C00107001 FHA Approved
Tranquility Lake Condos HO-C00109 FHA Approved January 03, 2007
Contemp South Townhouse Condos HO-C00110 August 24, 2009
Contemporary South Townhouse HO-C00110001 FHA Approved
Contemp.south Townhouse Condos HO-C00110002 FHA Approved
Contemp South Townhouse Condos HO-C00110003 FHA Approved
River Oaks Townhomes HO-C00112 March 23, 2009
Condominiums HO-C00113 May 27, 2008
Contemporary West Townhouse HO-C00113001 FHA Approved
South Point T.h. Condos HO-C00114 September 03, 2008
South Point T.h. Condos HO-C00114001 FHA Approved
3131 Cummins Lane Condos HO-C00115 FHA Approved October 20, 2008
Willowbrook Condominiums HO-C00116 December 22, 2008
Willowbrook Condominiums HO-C00116001 FHA Approved
Willowbrook Condominiums HO-C00116002 FHA Approved
Willowbrook Condominiums HO-C00116003 FHA Approved
Willowbrook Condominiums HO-C00116004 FHA Approved
Willowbrook Condonimiums HO-C00116005 FHA Approved
Willowbrook Condominiums HO-C00116006 FHA Approved
Willowbrook Condominiums HO-C00116007 FHA Approved
Willowbrook Condominiums HO-C00116008 FHA Approved
Willowbrook Condominiums HO-C00116009 FHA Approved
Willowbrook Condominiums HO-C00116010 FHA Approved
Willowbrook Condominiums HO-C00116011 FHA Approved
Willowbrook Condominiums HO-C00116012 FHA Approved
Willowbrook Condominiums HO-C00116013 FHA Approved
Willowbrook Condominiums HO-C00116014 FHA Approved
Rolgom Place Townhouse Condos HO-C00118 FHA Approved May 05, 2009
Sawyer Brownstone Condominiums HO-C00120 March 27, 2009
Sawyer Brownstone Condominiums HO-C00120001 FHA Approved
Sawyer Brownstone Condominiums HO-C00120002 FHA Approved
Sawyer Brownstone Condominiums HO-C00120003 FHA Approved
Sawyer Brownstone Condominiums HO-C00120004 FHA Approved
Sawyer Brownstone Condominiums HO-C00120005 FHA Approved
Sawyer Brownstone Condominiums HO-C00120006 FHA Approved
Sawyer Brownstone Condominiums HO-C00120007 FHA Approved
Willowbrook Condominiums HO-C00121 August 21, 2009
Willowbrook Condominiums HO-C00121018 FHA Approved
Willowbrook Condominiums HO-C00121019 FHA Approved
Willowbrook Condominiums HO-C00121020 FHA Approved
Willowbrook Condominiums HO-C00121021 FHA Approved
Willowbrook Condominiums HO-C00121022 FHA Approved
Willowbrook Condominiums HO-C00121036 FHA Approved
Contemporary Main Plaza Th HO-C00122 May 07, 2009
Contemporary Main Plaza Th HO-C00122001 FHA Approved
Delano Place Condominiums HO-C00124 June 30, 2009
Delano Place Condominiums HO-C00124001 FHA Approved
Delano Place Condominiums HO-C00124002 FHA Approved
Westchase Forest HO-C00125 June 23, 2009
Westchase Forest Townhome HO-C00125002 FHA Approved
Westchase Forest Townhomes HO-C00125003 FHA Approved
Mosaid Residential North Condo HO-C00126 July 28, 2009
Mosaic Residential North Condo HO-C00126I FHA Approved
Bridgewater Landing HO-C00127 FHA Approved August 10, 2009
Terrace Condo VA/CONDO FHA Approved September 10, 1990