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We've searched the FHA Approved database for every zip code in this state. The information below is current as of June 24th 2010

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Condo name Condo id Status Approval date
Dalton Place Condominium 00418C002 FHA Approved June 16, 2000
Royal Court Condominium 00481C004 FHA Approved September 14, 2000
Steeple Shadow Condominium 01481C002 FHA Approved January 04, 2002
Tillery Place 02-97-LAC FHA Approved February 12, 1998
Greenwood Forest 02481C001 FHA Approved
Grigsby Gate 03481C001 FHA Approved May 16, 2003
Maple Chase Condominium 03481C009 FHA Approved February 20, 2004
Templeton Court 04-97-LAC FHA Approved June 26, 1997
Laurel Station 04481C004 FHA Approved October 05, 2004
Raleigh Court 04481C005 FHA Approved October 01, 2004
Brookside Villas 05481C002 FHA Approved June 16, 2005
The Meadows 06-93-LAC FHA Approved October 16, 1992
The Elms Condominium 06481C001 FHA Approved October 24, 2006
Pebblestone Condominium 06481C002 FHA Approved October 30, 2006
Townhomes At Beaver Brook 06481C003 FHA Approved January 22, 2007
The Villages At Cates Bend 07481C002 FHA Approved March 30, 2007
Willow Place 07481C005 FHA Approved May 16, 2007
Cherrybrook 07481C007 FHA Approved September 04, 2007
Chenoweth Condominium 08-90-LAC FHA Approved March 18, 1991
Chadwick Place. Plase L 08-93-LAC FHA Approved November 12, 1992
Franklin Meadows 08481C004 FHA Approved September 08, 2008
Bakertown Station 08481C006 FHA Approved July 22, 2008
Cascade Villas 08481C007 FHA Approved June 12, 2008
Forest Landing Condominiums 08481C008 FHA Approved September 02, 2008
North Central Village 08481C010 FHA Approved September 25, 2008
Cottages At Harvest Towne 08481C011 FHA Approved October 14, 2008
Evans Gate Condominium 08481C012 FHA Approved December 15, 2008
Walker Gate Condominium 09481C005 FHA Approved June 18, 2009
Brownlow School Lofts 09481C006 FHA Approved July 14, 2009
Pebblebrook Condominium 09481C007 FHA Approved August 10, 2009
St. Christopher Square 17-95-LAC FHA Approved September 05, 1995
Sullins Ridge Condominium 20-94-LAC FHA Approved August 11, 1994
Sullins Ridge 21-94-LAC Rejected
Whittney Place 3-95-LAC Rejected
The Highlands 41-87-DC Rejected
Evian Towers 5133 FHA Approved July 18, 1986
The Sutherlands 5180 FHA Approved January 05, 1987
Silver Brook Condominiums 5309 FHA Approved October 18, 1989
The Meadows 6-93-LAC Rejected
Chadwick Place 8-93-LAC Rejected
Whittney Place Condominium 95481C002 FHA Approved December 16, 1994
Spring Grove Condominium 99381C003 FHA Approved July 30, 1999
Normandy Chateau Condominium 99481C001 FHA Approved September 02, 1999
Wrenfield Condominium 99481C002 FHA Approved October 06, 1999
Alysha's Vinyard Condominium A000020001 FHA Approved 01/22/2010
Cherokeeat Westcliff A005846001 FHA Approved 02/04/2010
Piney Grove Woods Condominium A005886001 Rejected,Insufficient reserve funds 02/19/2010
The Phoenix A005958001 FHA Approved 03/11/2010
Cherokee Condo At Westcliff INFOIC FHA Approved October 27, 1986
La Villas INFOL FHA Approved June 13, 1980