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We've searched the FHA Approved database for every zip code in this state. The information below is current as of June 24th 2010

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Condo name Condo id Status Approval date
The Madison Condominiums 07461C004 Pending
The Gates At Williams-brice 08461C003 FHA Approved July 30, 2008
Peach Grove Villas 08461C011 FHA Approved October 14, 2008
Renaissance Plaza 09461C014 Pending
Lakeshore Drive A006245001 FHA Approved 04/21/2010
Arcadia Cove C19900003 FHA Approved April 21, 1986
Barnwell Colony C19900006 Withdrawn
Berkshire Place C19900007 FHA Approved September 12, 1986
Brickyard Condominiums C19900009 FHA Approved October 15, 1982
Carnaby Square C19900014 FHA Approved May 16, 1989
Colony Club C19900018 September 12, 1991
Courtyard I C19900020 February 05, 1986
Courtyard I C199000201&2 FHA Approved
Creekside At Huntington C19900021 FHA Approved December 22, 1988
Cutler Station C19900022 FHA Approved July 16, 1987
Deerwood Knoll I & Ii C19900023 January 23, 1986
Deerwood Knoll C199000231&2 FHA Approved
R C19900025 FHA Approved
R C19900025I FHA Approved
Greengate C19900032 FHA Approved December 16, 1983
Green Oaks C19900033 FHA Approved September 25, 1984
Hermitage House C19900039 FHA Approved April 07, 1987
Huntington C19900046 FHA Approved February 09, 1989
See Remarks For Conditions C19900047 January 23, 1987
Lakeshore Drive Condos C19900050 June 23, 1983
Lakeshore Drive Condos C19900050I FHA Approved
Lakewood Village C19900051 FHA Approved April 10, 1987
Olde Shandon Village Phase I C19900057 Rejected
Otranto Club Villas Iii C19900058 July 26, 1985
Pointe Arcadia C19900063 FHA Approved September 21, 1983
River Hill C19900069 FHA Approved November 17, 1982
Shandon Oaks C19900074 November 30, 1984
Shandon Oaks C19900074I FHA Approved
Spence`s Point C19900077 October 30, 1991
Springhill C19900078 FHA Approved June 13, 1984
The Lexington Green C19900083 July 10, 1991
The Lexington Green C19900083I FHA Approved
The Quarters C19900086 May 08, 1986
The Quarters C199000861-3 FHA Approved
The Reflections C19900087 February 04, 1985
The Reflections C199000873-4 FHA Approved
The Village At Lake Murray C19900088 FHA Approved November 14, 1984
Timberlake C19900090 FHA Approved February 25, 1986
Ventura Villas C19900095 September 26, 1980
Village Creek C19900096 FHA Approved March 31, 1986
Watch Hill C19900100 July 21, 1992
Watch Hill C19900100I FHA Approved
Whaley Square C19900104 FHA Approved July 27, 1987
507 Saluda Avenue C19910001 FHA Approved April 02, 1991
The Yacht Cove C19910199 FHA Approved November 08, 1985
Secretary Held Property C19920000 FHA Approved January 23, 1992
Lionsgate C19920001 FHA Approved February 13, 1992
Trenholm Towns C19920002 FHA Approved March 20, 1992
Olde Shandon Village C19940002 FHA Approved January 26, 1995
Chateau De Ville C19950001 FHA Approved February 28, 1995