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We've searched the FHA Approved database for every zip code in this state. The information below is current as of June 24th 2010

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Condo name Condo id Status Approval date
Parque Arcoiris 00501C007 FHA Approved April 30, 2003
Les' Jardins 00501C031 FHA Approved February 06, 2004
Vista Serena Apartments 01501C002 FHA Approved August 29, 2005
Paseo De Las Cumbres 01501C014001 FHA Approved
Senderos Del Rio 03501C007 FHA Approved May 22, 2008
El Cordoves 05501C012 FHA Approved June 19, 2009
Woodlands Condominium 08501C042 FHA Approved February 24, 2009
Vista Del Rocio Condominium 08501C063 FHA Approved April 13, 2009
La Hondonada Condominium 08501C064 Pending
Encantada (montecillo Section) 920000198001 FHA Approved
Estancias De Metropolis 950000264001 FHA Approved
Montecillo Courts 950000270 FHA Approved
Montecillo Courts 950000270001 FHA Approved
Bosque Del Rio Cond. 950000278 FHA Approved
Bosque Del Rio Cond. 950000278001 FHA Approved
Terralinda Condo. 950000279 FHA Approved
Terralinda Condo. 950000279001 FHA Approved
Patios Sevillanos 960000321001 FHA Approved
Plaza Del Parque 960000333 FHA Approved
Plaza Del Parque 960000333001 FHA Approved
Portal Del Parque 970000343001 FHA Approved
Prados De Cupey 970000352 FHA Approved
Prados De Cupey 970000352001 FHA Approved
Aventura (encantada) 970000367001 FHA Approved
Camino De La Reina 980000398001 FHA Approved
Palmas De Montebello 980000399 FHA Approved
Palmas De Montebello 980000399001 FHA Approved
Interamericana Gardens Apts. A006124001 FHA Approved 04/07/2010
Alturas De Montebello A006140001 FHA Approved 04/08/2010
La Hondonada A006241001 Rejected,Missing documents or incomplete package submission 04/20/2010