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Condo name Condo id Status Approval date
Applegate 003-VA August 10, 1988
Applegate 003-VA001 FHA Approved
Brian Park 011-VA August 17, 1988
Huntley Wynde Condominium 062-VA December 04, 1984
Kingsgate Park 071-VA March 04, 1998
Lancaster Square Condominiums 073-VA March 28, 1978
Las Maderas 076-VA January 05, 2000
Monterey Terrace 084-VA August 17, 1988
Monterey Terrace 084-VA001 FHA Approved
Mountainside Terrace 086-VA March 20, 1992
Oak View 091-VA February 24, 1983
On The Green Condominium Hoa 094-VA May 02, 1985
Ridgeview Condominiums 114-VA August 17, 1990
Sequoia Park Condominiums 124-VA August 17, 1988
Stephanie Terrace 127-VA October 30, 1984
Sunset 129-VA January 31, 1983
Tanasbrook Association 130-VA August 17, 1988
Treetop 138-VA February 01, 1984
Woodtique Heights Hoa 152-VA August 17, 1988
Cottages At Cushmans Downs 163-VA September 20, 1990
Cottages At Cushmans Downs 163-VA1-6 FHA Approved
Boeckman Creek 173-VA February 25, 1991
Highlands, The 200-VA July 20, 1994
King City Condominiums 258-VA February 13, 1997
University Townhouse 263-VA January 01, 1962
University Townhouse 263-VA001 FHA Approved
Scholls Creek Condominiums* 270-VA August 05, 1998
The Quintet Condominiums 278-VA October 02, 1998
The Quintet Condominiums 278-VA001 FHA Approved
Gateway Condominiums 281 FHA Approved March 18, 1999
Yamhill Townhms Condo Stage 1 284-VA March 30, 1999
Yamhill Townhomes Condominium 284-VA001 FHA Approved
Arbor Crossing At Quatama ARBORCRSG December 05, 2008
Bridgetown Condominium BRIDGETWN Rejected
Brownstone Homes,a Condominium BROWNSTON FHA Approved June 26, 2002
Bush Street Commons, A Condo BUSHST Rejected
Capitol Hill Condominiums CAPITOLHI FHA Approved July 07, 1999
Carlton Court Condominiums CARLTONC FHA Approved
Cascade View Condominiums CASCADE FHA Approved October 24, 2008
Cathedral Court Condominium CATHCOURT FHA Approved June 23, 2008
Center Court Th Condominiums CENTERCT October 22, 2001
Multnomah Cityside Condos CITYSIDE FHA Approved April 30, 2009
Clayborn Condominium CLAYBORN Rejected
East Village At Orenco Station CLUB1201 August 12, 1999
Cooper Street Bungalow Courts COOPER FHA Approved December 14, 1999
Creekside @ Progress Ridge CREEKPROG October 21, 2008
The Crossing At Tanasbourne CROSSING September 09, 2008
Courtyards At Springville CRTYDS@SP FHA Approved September 04, 2002
Crystal Creek Condominiums CRYSTAL FHA Approved October 01, 2008
Canterbury Heights Condominium CTRBRYHTS August 29, 2008
Daybreak Cohousing Condominium DAYBREAK FHA Approved May 24, 2001
Division Street Corral Condos DIVISION FHA Approved December 10, 2008
Eastport Commons, A Condo EASTPORT FHA Approved August 07, 2008
Edgefield Meadows Condominium* EDGEFIELD June 29, 2001
Elizabeth Lofts Condominiums ELIZABETH January 23, 2008
Elizabeth Lofts Condominiums ELIZABETH001 FHA Approved
Embassy Condominium EMBASSY FHA Approved June 02, 2008
Fargo Row Condominiums FARGOROW FHA Approved
Foster Village FOSTER FHA Approved October 19, 1999
Frescoes Condominiums FRESCOES FHA Approved April 30, 2009
Gateway Arbors Condo Assoc. GATEWAYAR July 27, 2004
Gateway Arbors Condominiums GATEWAYAR001 FHA Approved
Gateway Arbors Condominiums GATEWAYAR002 FHA Approved
Gateway Arbors Condominiums GATEWAYAR003 FHA Approved
**gateway Towers Ccondominium GATEWAYTO November 09, 2006
Gateway Towers Condominium GATEWAYTOA FHA Approved
Grant Park Condominiums GRANTPK May 14, 2009
Heron Creek Condo Owners Assoc HERONCRK August 24, 2009
Hillside Terrace HILLSIDET FHA Approved June 24, 2009
James Village Condominium JAMESVILL FHA Approved August 26, 2008
Linnwood Hts/deerpoint Park * LINN/DEER June 29, 2000
Loma Village Condominiums LOMA FHA Approved November 12, 2008
Market Street Condominiums MARKETST FHA Approved April 28, 2008
Mckenzie Court Condominium MCKENZIE FHA Approved December 29, 2008
Meadow Wood Coa MEADOWWD August 31, 2009
Meridian Heights Townhome MERIDIAN Rejected
Milwaukie Avenue Lofts MILWAUKIE FHA Approved July 20, 2009
Morgan Meadows Condominium MORGANMDW October 06, 2000
Multnomah Corner Condominiums MULTCRNR FHA Approved
North Park Lofts NORTHPARK FHA Approved December 20, 1999
Notting Hill Condominiums NOTTINGHL August 29, 2002
One Hundred Forty First Avenue ONEHUNDRE FHA Approved January 22, 2009
Orchard Hill Condominium Assoc ORCHARDHL February 22, 2001
The Overlook At Timberland OVERLK October 22, 2009
Overlook At Timberland (the) OVERLK001 FHA Approved
Overlook Heights Condominium OVERLOOK FHA Approved May 08, 2009
Jr Perkins Place Condominium PERKINSPL FHA Approved November 14, 2008
Powell Gardens Condominiums POWELL FHA Approved March 13, 2009
Red Tail Canyon Condominiums REDTAILCY FHA Approved March 10, 2008
Reese Square Condominiums REESESQU July 11, 2001
Reserve @ Pilot Butte Condos RESPILOT August 28, 2008
Rexall Condominium REXALL Rejected
River Court Condominium RIVERCT March 07, 2002
Rosa Park Condominiums ROSAPARK FHA Approved
Columbia Way Condominium S006092001 FHA Approved 03/16/2001
Twenty-three,ninety-three Pkpl S006143001 FHA Approved 08/25/2009
The Westerly Condominiums S006179001 FHA Approved 06/26/2009
Daybreak Cohousing S007798001 FHA Approved 12/16/2009
Zinc Condominium S007818001 FHA Approved 12/16/2009
Bryant Street Commons S007899001 FHA Approved 01/15/2010
Vintage Rose Condominiums S007913001 FHA Approved 04/16/2010
Clay Street Commons, A Condo S007966001 FHA Approved 02/25/2010
K4 Court Condominiums S007980001 FHA Approved 02/05/2010
Riverplace S008014001 FHA Approved 02/09/2010
North Harbour Vista Condos S008026001 FHA Approved 02/11/2010
Binford Condominium S008040001 FHA Approved 02/16/2010
Manor Condominium S008053001 FHA Approved 02/22/2010
Multnomah Vlg Courtyd Condos S008066001 Rejected,Missing documents or incomplete package submission 02/24/2010
Pittock Grove Condominium S008067001 FHA Approved 02/23/2010
Madison Street Garden S008072001 FHA Approved 02/25/2010
Portland Plaza Condominium S008096001 FHA Approved 03/01/2010
Glennbrooke Ridge S008127001 FHA Approved 03/08/2010
Sum-thing New Condominiums S008136001 Rejected,Missing documents or incomplete package submission 03/09/2010
Bridgetown Village Condominium S008187001 FHA Approved 03/17/2010
Eastview Ridge Condominiums S008199001 FHA Approved 03/18/2010
The Vaux Condominiums S008201001 Rejected,Missing documents or incomplete package submission 03/18/2010
Cedar Terrace Condominium S008205001 FHA Approved 03/18/2010
Broadway View Condominiums S008223001 FHA Approved 04/28/2010
Ladd's Addition Condominium S008239001 FHA Approved 04/29/2010
Royal Manor Condominiums S008245001 FHA Approved 03/25/2010
Villa Florence Condominium S008311001 FHA Approved 04/02/2010
Civic Condominium S008312001 Rejected,Missing documents or incomplete package submission 04/02/2010
Cornell Meadows Condos S008321001 FHA Approved 04/05/2010
Miles Street Condominiums S008331001 FHA Approved 04/06/2010
Columbia Point West Condos S008363001 FHA Approved 04/08/2010
Columbia Ecovillage Condos S008394001 Rejected,Other (specify in comments) 04/27/2010
Macleay Condominiums S008415001 Withdrawn,Results of project review 04/29/2010
Crawford House Condominium S008424001 FHA Approved 04/16/2010
Sunrose Building Condominiums S008450001 FHA Approved 04/21/2010
Harrison West Condominiums S008459001 FHA Approved 04/22/2010
Irving Street Towers S008589001 FHA Approved 05/06/2010
Scholls Pointe Condo Own Assoc SCHOLLSPT December 16, 2002
Scholls Village Bldgs:1,6 & 7 SCHOLLVIL June 28, 2000
Sexton Crest Condominiums,hoa SEXTONCR January 04, 2005
Sexton Place Condominiums * SEXTONPL April 21, 2003
Shady Grove Condominiums SHADYGROV FHA Approved June 06, 2002
Tabor Hills Condominiums TABORHILL FHA Approved September 30, 2008
Tall Firs Condominiums(The) TALLFIRS Rejected
Tanglewood Hills Condominium TANGLEWDH May 13, 2003
Timberland Falls Condos TIMBERFLS October 29, 2007
Timberland Falls Condominiums TIMBERFLS001 FHA Approved
Timberland Falls Condominiums TIMBERFLS002 FHA Approved
Timberland Falls Condominiums TIMBERFLS003 FHA Approved
Timberland Falls Condominium TIMBERFLS006 FHA Approved
Timberland Falls Condominium TIMBERFLS007 FHA Approved
Timberland Falls Condominium TIMBERFLS008 FHA Approved
Timberland Falls Condominium TIMBERFLS4-5 FHA Approved
Timberland Reserve Condominium TIMBERLAN FHA Approved
Timberland Reserve Condominium TIMBERLAN003 FHA Approved
Timberland Reserve Condominium TIMBERLAN004 FHA Approved
Timberland Reserve Conodminium TIMBERLAN005 FHA Approved
Timberland Reserve Condominium TIMBERLAN006 FHA Approved
Timberland Reserve Condominium TIMBERLAN007 FHA Approved
Timberland Reserve Condominium TIMBERLAN008 FHA Approved
Timberland Reserve Condominium TIMBERLAN1-2 FHA Approved
Timberland Falls Too TIMBERLND FHA Approved November 17, 2008
Ventura Park Condominiums VENTURAPK FHA Approved April 25, 2008
Village Lofts@multnomah Condo VILLAGELO FHA Approved March 18, 2009
Village Lofts@multnomah Condo VILLAGELO002 FHA Approved
Villas At Forest Park VILLASAT FHA Approved
Wilcox Manor Condominium WILCOXMAN Rejected