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We've searched the FHA Approved database for every zip code in this state. The information below is current as of June 24th 2010

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Condo name Condo id Status Approval date
Copperchase Condos C84800 FHA Approved October 29, 1998
Gladel Condominiums D001483001 FHA Approved 08/14/1997
Enclave Garden Homes D004713001 FHA Approved 01/21/2010
Hemmingway Condos HUD01-83 FHA Approved
Wellington Commons Condos HUD101 FHA Approved May 22, 1996
Barrington Condos HUD103 FHA Approved July 30, 1996
Willow Springs Manor HUD105 FHA Approved July 22, 1997
5oth Street Condos HUD99 FHA Approved May 31, 1985
Central Avenue Villas OK-C00050 FHA Approved December 16, 2008
Lofts At Maywood Park OK-C00051 FHA Approved June 12, 2009
Harvey Lofts Condominiums OK-C00052 FHA Approved August 04, 2009
Edgewater Park Condominiums OK-C00053 August 24, 2009
Lake Ridge Manor VA233 July 01, 1980
Sutton Place VA292 FHA Approved
Deerfield VA295 November 01, 1981
Frontier Village #1 VA308 April 01, 1982
Dorchester VA309 FHA Approved
University Townhomes VA310 April 01, 1982
Sherwood Village VA311 FHA Approved
Summit Place VA321 March 01, 1983
Summit Place VA321001 FHA Approved
Summit Place VA321002 FHA Approved
Summit Place VA321003 FHA Approved
Summit Place VA321004 FHA Approved
Summit Place VA321005 FHA Approved
Summit Place VA321006 FHA Approved
Southpointe Condos VA332 FHA Approved
Quail Springs Condos VA350 FHA Approved
Walnut Place Ii Condos VA355-2 April 01, 1983
Walnut Place Ii Condos VA355-2001 FHA Approved
Walnut Place Ii Condos VA355-2002 FHA Approved
Seven Pines Village VA366 November 01, 1982
Lakepark Townhomes 1 Thru 8 VA385-2 FHA Approved
Lakepark Townhomes VA385-2003 FHA Approved
Lakepark Townhomes VA385-2005 FHA Approved
Lakeparktownhomes VA385-2006 FHA Approved
Lakepark Townhomes VA385-2007 FHA Approved
Cottonwood Ridge Condos VA388 March 01, 1988
Highlands VA397 May 01, 1983
Waterview Townhomes VA418 October 01, 1983
Waterview Townhomes VA418001 FHA Approved
Waterview Townhomes VA418002 FHA Approved
Waterview Townhomes VA418003 FHA Approved
Waterview Townhomes VA418004 FHA Approved
Waterview Townhomes VA418005 FHA Approved
Nantucket Condos VA420 FHA Approved
Whispering Creek Condos VA432 June 01, 1983
Stratford Place Condos 1 - 3 VA434 FHA Approved
Stratford Place Condos VA434002 FHA Approved
Stratford Place Condos VA434003 FHA Approved
In The Park VA437 November 01, 1983
Willow Springs VA440 May 01, 1984
The Columns Townhomes VA442 August 01, 1983
Sycamore Square Condos VA447 FHA Approved
Southern Hills Village Condos VA452 December 01, 1989
Southern Hills Village Condos VA452001 FHA Approved
Lake Forest Townhomes VA453 FHA Approved
Windsor Park Village Condos VA455 December 01, 1983
Windsor Park Village Condos VA455001 FHA Approved
Thousand Oaks VA471 March 01, 1984
Thousand Oaks VA471001 FHA Approved
Thousand Oaks VA471002 FHA Approved
Thousand Oaks VA471003 FHA Approved
High Meadows Townhomes I VA477 March 01, 1984
The Nottingham VA484 September 01, 1984
The Nottingham VA484-2 January 15, 1985
Chisholm Village VA488 FHA Approved
Forest Pointe Condos VA524 FHA Approved
Copper Creek Condos VA551 August 01, 1985
Ann Arbor Place Condos VA587 March 01, 1986
Red Oak On Spring Creek Condos VA596 FHA Approved
Piccadilly Square Condos VA618 FHA Approved
Rams Head Villa Condos VA622 FHA Approved
Steeple Chase Condos VA693 January 19, 1988
Cardinal Creek Condos VA698 March 01, 1988
Hefner Park Row Condominium VA700 FHA Approved
Surrey Hills 7th VA754 July 11, 1990
The Habitat VA827-1 May 23, 1994
Colony Condos Ii VA850 July 19, 1993
Bentree Condos VA851 FHA Approved