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We've searched the FHA Approved database for every zip code in this state. The information below is current as of June 24th 2010

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Condo name Condo id Status Approval date
Forest Ridge Condominiums C1000 August 20, 1998
Mcmillan East Condominiums C100001 FHA Approved
The Enclave Condominiums C1001 April 22, 1998
Georgetown Condominium C1003 March 12, 1999
Timbercreek Condominiums C1004 May 15, 1997
Cedar Creek Condominiums C1007 September 26, 1997
Village Parke Condominiums C1008 August 28, 1998
Elysian Cliff Condominiums C101001 FHA Approved
Jamestowne Village Condominium C1013 November 26, 1997
Charterwoods Condominiums C1014 November 26, 1997
Sycamore Commons C1015 January 22, 1999
Muirfield Iv Condominiums C1016 February 23, 1998
Reserve At Saddlebrook Condo's C1017 January 27, 1998
Ashley Commons Condominiums C1018 February 25, 1998
West Ridge Condominiums C103 FHA Approved August 07, 1989
Ashton Place Condominiums C1072 July 19, 1996
Highland Meadows Condominiums C1081 April 26, 1995
Laredo Condominiums C109001 FHA Approved
Village At Hunters Glen C117 February 13, 1990
Village Of North College Hill C119 FHA Approved November 15, 1989
Corbly's Grant Condominiums C120 November 15, 1989
Village Of Kenwood Condominium C122 December 20, 1989
Hampton Court Condominiums C127 FHA Approved January 30, 1990
Shaylor Creek C129 July 31, 1991
Village Of Finneytown Condo C132 November 24, 1992
Village Of Finneytown Condo C132001 FHA Approved
Village Of Finneytown Condo. C132002 FHA Approved
Village Of Finneytown Condo C132003 FHA Approved
Lakota View Estates C134 May 03, 1990
Little Creek Condominiums C137 July 19, 1990
Sur La Mont Condominiums C140 FHA Approved July 18, 1990
Ohio River Overlook C151 FHA Approved December 05, 1990
Indian Ridge Vii Condominiums C216 December 04, 1992
Belvedere Condominium C23 FHA Approved May 16, 1985
Montana Hills Condominium C27 FHA Approved December 02, 1975
Columbia View Condominiums C42 FHA Approved September 05, 1986
Same C53 March 01, 1986
Harvest View Condominium C61001 FHA Approved
Golden Arms Condo C62 FHA Approved May 19, 1987
Lexington Townhouses Condos So C68 FHA Approved June 14, 1982
Highland Meadows C881 May 21, 1992
Point Pleasant Vii Condominium C950 August 26, 1991
Grandin Road Condominium C951 September 25, 1991
Grandin Road Condominium C951001 FHA Approved
Skyridge No. Ii Condominiums C952 October 11, 1991
Lexington Meadows Condominiums C953 January 31, 1994
Depaul Woods Condominiums C954 December 12, 1991
Carrington Crossing C955 October 10, 1996
Aspen Glen Condominiums C956 March 21, 1996
Village At Island Pines C958 May 06, 1992
Regency Square Condominiums C959 September 07, 1993
Regency Square Condominiums C959001 FHA Approved
Regency Square Condominiums C959002 FHA Approved
Regency Square Condominiums C959003 FHA Approved
Regency Square Condominiums C959004 FHA Approved
Regency Square Condominiums C959005 FHA Approved
Anderson Ridge Condominiums C961 April 15, 1993
Valais Court Condominiums C963 October 02, 1992
Maple Field Condominium C964 February 01, 1993
Springhaven Commons Condos C971 December 22, 1992
Ashton Place Condominiums C972 August 15, 1994
Nottingham Court Condominiums C974 July 15, 1994
Longworth Court Condominiums C978 FHA Approved November 16, 1993
Nantucket Landing South C980 November 24, 1993
Highland Meadows Condominiums C981 August 26, 1994
Cedar Cove Condominiums C982 January 12, 1994
Timber Park Condominiums C985 January 27, 1999
Stoney Creek Condominiums C991 June 17, 1997
Eldorado Estates Condominiums C993 June 01, 1970
Montana Hills Gardens C994 FHA Approved January 04, 1995
Pipestem Condominiums C999 December 12, 1995
Cliff Condominiums CHOC-0001 FHA Approved
Duncanson Lofts Condominiums CHOC-0032 FHA Approved
Bridgecreek Condominiums P008522001 FHA Approved 04/26/2007
Duveneck Flats Condominium P008530001 FHA Approved 09/08/2008
Marburg Square Condominium P009912001 FHA Approved 02/25/2010
Bailwick P010473001 FHA Approved 04/21/2010