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We've searched the FHA Approved database for every zip code in this state. The information below is current as of June 24th 2010

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Condo name Condo id Status Approval date
Oak Hill Village Condominiums 00381C005 FHA Approved
Oak Hill Village Condominiums 00381C005001 FHA Approved
Oak Hill Village 00381C00503E FHA Approved
Scots Hill 00381C041 FHA Approved December 05, 2001
Copper Ridge 01381C008 FHA Approved March 07, 2006
Copper Ridge 01381C008010 FHA Approved
Copper Ridge 01381C008011 FHA Approved
Copper Ridge 01381C008014 FHA Approved
Copper Ridge 01381C008P13 FHA Approved
Citiside On The Plaza Condo 01381C009 FHA Approved August 31, 2001
Citiside On The Plaza 01381C009002 FHA Approved
Amherst Villas At Steele Creek 01381C016 FHA Approved
The Condominiums At Kingstree 01381C020 FHA Approved
The Condominiums At Kingstree 01381C020002 FHA Approved
The Condominiums At Kingstree 01381C020B11 FHA Approved
Williamsburg On Commonwealth 02381C007001 FHA Approved
Walnut Creek 02381C008 Withdrawn
Park Place @ Walnut Creek 02381C008001 FHA Approved
Hyde Park 02381C009001 FHA Approved
Village Glen At 03381C005001 FHA Approved
Heatherstone Ii 03381C019 FHA Approved
Heatherstone Ii 03381C0197-9 FHA Approved
Carmel Chase 04381C012B16 FHA Approved
Belle Vista Condominiums 04381C017 Pending
Somerset Springs Condominums 05381C002001 FHA Approved
Adare Condominiums 05381C003 FHA Approved March 15, 2005
Rose Meadow Ii 08381C001 FHA Approved January 17, 2008
Olmstead Park 08381C014 FHA Approved October 21, 2008
The Vyne 08381C019 FHA Approved December 11, 2008
Heathstead Condominium 08381C022 Pending
The Quad At Quarterside 08381C028 FHA Approved March 10, 2009
The Row At Quarterside 08381C030 Pending
Dilworth Walk 08381C031 FHA Approved June 29, 2009
Riviera 08381C032 FHA Approved November 24, 2008
Ridge Road Villas 08381C034 FHA Approved February 19, 2009
Southgate Condominiums 08381C036 FHA Approved December 15, 2008
Woodstone Of Elizabeth T.h. 08381C040 FHA Approved January 26, 2009
Williamsburg On Commonwealth 08381C044 FHA Approved September 29, 2009
Preston Flats 09381C002 FHA Approved February 19, 2009
Royal Court 09381C006 FHA Approved May 07, 2009
3030 South Condominiums 09381C016 FHA Approved April 06, 2009
Southborough 09381C019 Rejected
Seigle Point Townhomes 09381C021 FHA Approved June 15, 2009
Tremont Condominiums 09381C022 FHA Approved July 13, 2009
Reflections Condos 6504 Rejected
Selwyn Village Condo 6523 Rejected
Watermark Condo 6539 FHA Approved May 18, 1983
Brandywine Condos 7646 FHA Approved December 13, 1983
Reflection Ii Condo 7960 FHA Approved March 23, 1995
Springfield Square Condo 8600 FHA Approved February 08, 1990
Creswick Condominiums 9161 FHA Approved February 04, 1988
Windsor Grove Condo 9302 FHA Approved February 21, 1992
Sharon Lakes Condo 9409 Pending
University Terrace Condo 9516 FHA Approved September 28, 1989
Metro 10 West A000065001 FHA Approved 11/04/2009
Skybridge Terrace A000067001 FHA Approved 11/04/2009
Fifth And Poplar A005784001 FHA Approved 02/19/2010
Avenue Residential Condominium A005849001 FHA Approved 02/20/2010
Village Of Troon A005877001 FHA Approved 02/18/2010
Park South Station Ii A006020001 FHA Approved 04/23/2010
South Hill A006076001 Rejected,Other (specify in comments) 04/29/2010
Village Of Southend Condo A006109001 Withdrawn,Results of project review 05/07/2010
Trademark Condominium A006353001 FHA Approved 05/03/2010
Court 6 A006354001 FHA Approved 05/03/2010
Skybox/warehouse 3 A006363001 FHA Approved 05/04/2010
Prescott Village A006368001 Rejected,Other (specify in comments) 05/04/2010