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We've searched the FHA Approved database for every zip code in this state. The information below is current as of June 24th 2010

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Condo name Condo id Status Approval date
Amisty Springs @ Firethorne # Pending
Selwyn Farms * Pending
Savannah Park Condominiums 00381C004 FHA Approved
Delaney Crossing 00381C007 FHA Approved
University Meadows 00381C012 FHA Approved
Greystone Pointe 00381C036 FHA Approved
Ivy Glen Condominiums 00381C038 FHA Approved
The Links Club Condominiums 00381C042 FHA Approved
Carya Pond 00381C048 FHA Approved
Chandler Place Condominiums 00381C049 FHA Approved
Willowhurst At Park Crossing 00381C050 FHA Approved
King's Grant 00381CV20 FHA Approved
Charlestowne Crossing 00381CV31 FHA Approved
Tara Court Condominiums 01381C002 FHA Approved
Michael's Landing 01381C003 FHA Approved
Cornerstone Condominiums 01381C005 FHA Approved
Copperfield Ridge 01381C008 FHA Approved
Reid Lane 01381C010 FHA Approved
Ivy Glen 01381C011 FHA Approved
Cotswold Pointe 01381C015 FHA Approved
Madison Park 01381C044 FHA Approved
Hunter's Crossing 02381C010 FHA Approved
Partners Place 02381C023 FHA Approved
Alexander Chase Condominiums 02381C025 FHA Approved
Partners Place 02381C026 FHA Approved
Vantage Point Condominiums 10002 FHA Approved
Oaks Condos 10003 Pending
Elizabeth On Greenway Condo 10022 FHA Approved
Treetop Condos 10035 FHA Approved
Richland Run 10043 FHA Approved
Quaker Commons Condos 10089 FHA Approved
Fox Haven Condo 10104 FHA Approved
Triphammer House Condominiums 10141 FHA Approved
Candlewood Townhome Condo 10237 FHA Approved
Condominiums At Versailles,The 10277 FHA Approved
Westridge At Tanglewood Condo 10285 FHA Approved
Forbes Woods 10297 Withdrawn
Crossings At Morganton, The 10305 Withdrawn
Westpark Condominiums 10401 FHA Approved
Century Park Condominium 10411 FHA Approved
Bullington Warehouse Condos 10467 Pending
Park Place Townhouses 10471 FHA Approved
Liberty Court Condominiums 10551 FHA Approved
Wellington Ridge 10555 Withdrawn
Westbrook Condominiums 10567 FHA Approved
Windrose At The Arbors 10597 FHA Approved
Hillcrest Manor 10620 Pending
Providence Square 10664 FHA Approved
Brookside Condos 10686 FHA Approved
Cape Cottages Condo 10695 Withdrawn
Breezewood 2 Condos 10698 Withdrawn
Tennis Villas Condos 10746 FHA Approved
South Harbortowne Condos 10747 FHA Approved
Waterford Valley Condominiums 10771 FHA Approved
Country Club Rockledge 10817 Rejected
Savannah Park Condo 10828 FHA Approved
Eastchester Village 5803 FHA Approved
Brownfield Patio Homes 5834 Withdrawn
Cavanaugh Garden Homes Condo 6269-2 FHA Approved
Oaks Of Avent Ferry Condo 6276 FHA Approved
Carmel Village Area Ii 6403 Withdrawn
Williams Condos 6443-A FHA Approved
Village Croft Condo 6563 FHA Approved
Ferrington Place Condo 6636 FHA Approved
Westwood Condo 6646 Pending
Cedar Lake Condos 6659 FHA Approved
Aspen Park 6701 Withdrawn
Hillside House Condos 6762 FHA Approved
Cloister Oaks Condos 6788 FHA Approved
Quail Hill Condos 6803 FHA Approved
Rose Meadow Condo 6860 FHA Approved
Chimney Ridge Condos 6874 Withdrawn
Muirfield Condo 6899 FHA Approved
Raintree Condos 6960 Withdrawn
Colony Crossing Ii Condos 7096 FHA Approved
Birch Creek Condo 7411 Withdrawn
Sharon Chase Condo 7426 Withdrawn
North Ridge Condominium 7514 FHA Approved
Woodland Lake Condo 7517 FHA Approved
Holly Grove Townhouses 7533 Withdrawn
Renaissance Gardens 7562 Withdrawn
Ocean Dunes Condos 7574 FHA Approved
Robinwood Place Condos 7630 Withdrawn
Weatherstone Condos 7633 FHA Approved
Ashfield Court 7634 FHA Approved
Dormers Condos 7641 FHA Approved
Kilbourne In The Woods Condos 7651 Withdrawn
Lakeside Condos 7666 FHA Approved
Park Plaza I Condos 7695 FHA Approved
Heathstead Condos 7704 Withdrawn
Briar Creek Commons Condo 7707 Withdrawn
Stoney Hollow Condo 7709 Pending
Georgetown Square Condos 7753 Withdrawn
Georgetown Square Condos 7753-1 Withdrawn
Queens Station Condos 7770 FHA Approved
Treetops Condominium 7774 FHA Approved
Battle Forest Condos 7812 FHA Approved
Park Walk Condos 7873 Withdrawn
Park Walk Condos 7873-1 Withdrawn
Park Walk Condos 7873-2 Withdrawn
Shannon Green Condos 7942 Withdrawn
Hunters Run Condo 7951 Withdrawn
Bennington Woods 7992 Withdrawn
Colonial Townes Condo 7997 FHA Approved
Pawtucket On The Green Condo 8033 FHA Approved
South Wind Villas Condos 8097 FHA Approved
Gates At Quail Hollow, The 8135 FHA Approved
Myrtle Square Condo 8160 FHA Approved
Candlewyck Condo 8263 FHA Approved
Drummond Place Condo 8294 FHA Approved
Southwinds Condos 8305 FHA Approved
2330 Roswell Ave. Condos 8369 FHA Approved
Georgetown North 8392 Pending
Burke Mill Place Two Condos 8417 FHA Approved
Carmel Chase Condo 8430 FHA Approved
Coventry Woods Condo 8452 FHA Approved
Queen Selwyn Condo 8473 FHA Approved
Cedar Creek Condo 8503 FHA Approved
Harbour West Condos 8553 Pending
Briar Creek Condos 8565 Pending
Sycamore Condo 8578 FHA Approved
Lexington Commons Condo 8635 FHA Approved
Olde Vineyard Condominiums 8646 FHA Approved
Walker Townes Condo 8676 FHA Approved
Arthur Park Condo 8711 FHA Approved
Harborwatch Condo 8747 Pending
Westview Park Condo 8769 FHA Approved
Oakmont Condo 8826 Pending
Chesterfield Manor 8845 FHA Approved
Executive Park 8858 FHA Approved
Lockridge Lakeside Condo 8863 Pending
Brighton Square Condo 8891 FHA Approved
Cricket Hill Condo 8894 FHA Approved
Sir John's Hill Condo 8925 FHA Approved
South Ridge Park Condo 8960 Pending
Sandy Forks Place Condos 8983 FHA Approved
300 Park Avenue Condo 9001 FHA Approved
Shamrock Green Condos 9019 Withdrawn
Stewart's Creek Condos 9027 Withdrawn
Stewart's Creek Condos 9027-1 Withdrawn
Stewart's Creek 9027-2 Withdrawn
Charlestowne Square Condos 9034 Withdrawn
Park Place Condo 9040 Withdrawn
Northampton Condo 9081 Withdrawn
Rosecroft Condos 9091 Withdrawn
Foxcroft Condos 9096 Withdrawn
Devonshire Court 9098 FHA Approved
Briarcliff Condominiums 9104 Withdrawn
Chesapeake Condo 9133 FHA Approved
Chesapeake Condo 9133-1 Rejected
Finley Forest Condos 9158 Withdrawn
Finley Forest Condos 9158-1 Withdrawn
Finley Forest Condos 9158-2 Withdrawn
Finley Forest Condos 9158-3 Withdrawn
Finley Forest Condos 9158-A Withdrawn
Creswick Condos 9161 Withdrawn
Firethorne Townhouse Condos 9168 Withdrawn
Mill Ridge Condominiums 9216 FHA Approved
Forest Ridge Condo 9219 FHA Approved
Mayfair @ Country Club Condos 9227 Withdrawn
Park Glen Condo 9228 FHA Approved
Meadows Condos, The 9236 Pending
Villages East Condos 9239 Withdrawn
Pheasant Knoll Condos 9247 FHA Approved
Stonehaven Condos 9250 Pending
Harris Lake Condos 9254 Withdrawn
Greenville Manor Condo 9256 FHA Approved
Fox Meadow Condos 9259 FHA Approved
New Kent Village Condos 9262 Withdrawn
Candlewyck Condo 9263 Withdrawn
Mill Creek Condos 9270 Withdrawn
Cedar Pointe Condo 9274 Withdrawn
Sherwood Condominiums 9281 FHA Approved
Chesapeake Landing Condo 9297 Withdrawn
Apple Ridge Condos 9300 Withdrawn
Windsor Grove Condos 9302 Withdrawn
Windsor Grove Condos 9302-1 Withdrawn
Windsor Grove Condos 9302-2 Withdrawn
Admiral's Quarters Condos 9306 FHA Approved
Colonial Manor 9308 FHA Approved
Lullwater Village Condos 9311 Withdrawn
Colville Garden Condos 9312 Withdrawn
Chalcombe Court Condo 9314 Withdrawn
Foxfire Village Condos 9332 FHA Approved
Windward @ Holiday Harbor 9335 Withdrawn
Bentwood Park Condos 9343 Withdrawn
Barton's Landing Condo 9356 Withdrawn
Southwood Patio Homes Condo 9366 Withdrawn
Cedar Hills Condo 9370 FHA Approved
Victoria Place Condo 9374 Withdrawn
Tarleton West Condos 9380 FHA Approved
Willoughby Park Condo 9382-1 Withdrawn
Tollgate Condo 9383 Withdrawn
Valleygate Villas Condos 9389 Withdrawn
Glen Villa Condos 9394 FHA Approved
Driftwood Manor Condo 9401 Pending
Quail Run Condo 9403 FHA Approved
Richland Run Condos 9405 FHA Approved
Basnight Court Condos 9415 Pending
Ivy Commons Condo 9416 FHA Approved
Windtree Point 9419 FHA Approved
Hickory Downs Condo 9420 Withdrawn
West Georgetowne Square Condos 9421 Withdrawn
Wilmington Square Condo 9440 Pending
Stewart's Creek Condos 9448 Withdrawn
Stewart's Creek Condos Ii 9448-1 FHA Approved
Stewarts Creek Condo Ii 9448-3 Withdrawn
Mar Don Hills 9459 Withdrawn
Dolly Madison Condos 9470 FHA Approved
Whilden Place Condos 9478 FHA Approved
Williamsburg Square Condo 9495 Withdrawn
Colville Ii Condos 9497 Withdrawn
Iredell Court Condo 9508 FHA Approved
University Terrace Condo 9516 Withdrawn
University Terrace Condo 9516-1 Withdrawn
Charlestowne Village Condo 9528 Withdrawn
Charlestowne Village Condo 9528-1 Withdrawn
Glenhaven At Firethorne Condo 9537 Withdrawn
Westridge @ Tanglewood 9553 Withdrawn
Westridge @ Tanglewood 9553-1 Pending
Preston Woods Condos 9555 FHA Approved
Quaker Commons Condos 9556 FHA Approved
Harborgate Condos 9575 FHA Approved
Galleria Place Condos 9583 FHA Approved
Crossings At Morganton, The 9604 Withdrawn
Crossings @ Morganton, The 9604-1 Withdrawn
Commons On The Lake, The 9610 Withdrawn
Georgetowne Village Condo 9620 Withdrawn
Liberty Court Condominiums 9624 Withdrawn
Karen Lake Condo 9667 Withdrawn
Vicar's Edge 9671 Pending
University Terrace North 9674 Withdrawn
Mcpherson Green Condominium 9713 Withdrawn
English Court Condominiums 9778 Withdrawn
King's Grant 9795 Withdrawn
Pier 33 Condos 9806 Pending
Burke Creek 98381C006 Pending
Harbour Place Condominium 98381C014 FHA Approved
Forbes Woods 98381C015 FHA Approved
Mallard Square Townhomes Phs5 A 98381C020 FHA Approved
Spencer's Trace 98381C022 Pending
University Commons/Lake Park 98381CV07 FHA Approved
The Crossing @ Morganton 98381CVA2 FHA Approved
Burke Creek Condos 9933 FHA Approved
Park Place Condominiums 99381C004 FHA Approved
Seascape 99381C005 Pending
Chesapeake Pointe Condominiums 99381C007 FHA Approved
Mill Pond At Brooks Landings 99381C010 FHA Approved
University Oaks Condominiums 99381C014 FHA Approved
Riverwalk At Tanglewood 99381C016 FHA Approved
University Glen Condominiums 99381C017 FHA Approved
Hartley Square 99381C018 FHA Approved
Holton Place 99381C019 FHA Approved
Preston Creekside 99381C020 FHA Approved
Breezewood 2 99381C023 FHA Approved
Turtle Cay Condominiums 99381C026 FHA Approved
West Brook 99381C027 FHA Approved
The Commons At River View 99381C028 FHA Approved
Cape Cottages Condominiums 99381C031 Withdrawn
Campus Walk Condominiums 99381C034 FHA Approved
+He Crossings At Morganton 99381CV11 FHA Approved
University Terrace 99381CVA3 FHA Approved
Carpenter Park 99381CVA7 Withdrawn
Friendly Plantation 99381CVA8 FHA Approved
English Court Condominiums 99381CVA9 FHA Approved
Brightleaf Place Condos 9950 FHA Approved
Crystal Lake Condos 9956 Pending
Marlborough Woods Condominiums A001886001 FHA Approved 10/02/2000
Grand Pointe Condominium A001891001 FHA Approved 06/14/2000
University Woods @ A001893001 FHA Approved 08/19/2002
University Woods At Centennial A001894001 FHA Approved 07/21/2000
The Gables @ The Grande A001896001 FHA Approved 04/11/2001
Timberstone Commons A001902001 FHA Approved 11/15/2000
Michaels Landing Condominiums A001910001 FHA Approved 03/05/2001
Nevin Creek Condominiums A001913001 FHA Approved 07/11/2001
Edinburgh Square Condominiums A001921001 FHA Approved 08/09/2001
Brighton Square Ii A001922001 FHA Approved 08/23/2001
Cotswold Pointe (con't) A001924001 FHA Approved 06/26/2002
Falls River A001926001 FHA Approved 11/15/2001
Adams Place A001930001 FHA Approved 03/27/2002
Oaks @ Allyn's Landing A001940001 FHA Approved 10/25/2002
The Crossings At Haddon Hall A001941001 FHA Approved 03/14/2003
The Condominiums At Meadowhill A001953001 FHA Approved 09/11/2003
Breezewood Condominiums A002058001 FHA Approved 03/24/1992
Villa La Serre Condominiums A002060001 FHA Approved 09/23/1992
Hillside Condominium A002063001 FHA Approved 01/22/1993
South Park Development A002066001 FHA Approved 08/16/1993
315 S. Mendenhall St. Condos A002068001 FHA Approved 02/03/1994
Colony In The Pines A002069001 FHA Approved 04/20/1994
West Brook Condos A002073001 FHA Approved 02/21/1995
Stratfordshire @ Sharonbrook A002074001 FHA Approved 03/09/1995
Quail Hollow South Condo A002076001 FHA Approved 07/14/1995
Westwin Of Southpark A002077001 FHA Approved 09/26/1996
Hideaway Condos A002081001 FHA Approved 08/26/1996
Trailwood Hills Commons A002085001 FHA Approved 09/08/1997
Mallard Square T/h Condos A002086001 FHA Approved 12/08/1997
Quail Hollow West Condo A002087001 FHA Approved 04/22/1998
Millbrook Village Condo A002093001 FHA Approved 06/28/1981
Brooks Mill Condos A002094001 FHA Approved 06/04/1981
Falls Condos A002096001 FHA Approved 02/28/1985
Vista Court A002102001 FHA Approved 01/01/1984
Sharon Place Condo A002105001 FHA Approved 06/17/1985
Chimney Ridge Condo A002110001 FHA Approved 08/01/1986
Cameron Village Condos A002113001 FHA Approved 08/11/1986
Carmel Village Condo A002116001 FHA Approved 09/08/1980
Walden Woods Condo A002119001 FHA Approved 04/09/1981
Sea Colony Condos A002125001 FHA Approved 12/03/1982
Hamlin Park Condos A002126001 FHA Approved 08/18/1982
King William Condominium A002127001 FHA Approved 05/17/1994
Pointe Wylie Townhomes A002135001 FHA Approved 03/11/1983
Waterford Village A002136001 FHA Approved 06/14/1991
Hunting Ridge Condos A002140001 FHA Approved 12/01/1982
Bramblegate Condominium A002141001 FHA Approved 11/24/1982
Charlotte Oaks Condos A002142001 FHA Approved 05/17/1983
Eastway Connection Condos A002143001 FHA Approved 02/28/1983
Oak Tree Condos A002145001 FHA Approved 06/10/1983
Carolyn Court Condo A002147001 FHA Approved 07/21/1985
Lake Ridge Villas Condo A002148001 FHA Approved 11/16/1983
Falconbridge Condos A002149001 FHA Approved 01/06/1987
Dutchess Village Condo A002151001 FHA Approved 02/03/1986
Park Plaza Ii Condos A002153001 FHA Approved 01/05/1983
Stone Orchard Condos A002154001 FHA Approved 09/30/1985
Hobb's Ridge Condo A002155001 FHA Approved 10/03/1985
Fox Ridge Condo A002158001 FHA Approved 04/13/1984
Harbor Place Condos A002159001 FHA Approved 05/29/1984
Bromley Condos A002164001 FHA Approved 05/18/1987
Ashbrook Condos A002165001 FHA Approved 04/24/1987
Greenleaf Condo A002166001 FHA Approved 05/08/1987
Brandon Ridge Condos A002167001 FHA Approved 05/05/1987
Condominiums West, Inc. Condo A002169001 FHA Approved 04/24/1987
Foxdale Run Condos A002171001 FHA Approved 03/26/1990
Cedar Valley @ Adams Farm A002172001 FHA Approved 04/13/1990
Reynolda Square Condo A002181001 FHA Approved 07/18/1989
Wayland Condo A002182001 FHA Approved 06/30/1989
Latta Square Condo A002185001 FHA Approved 12/22/1989
Callina Smith Condos A002186001 FHA Approved 08/30/1989
Avalon Court Condo A002189001 FHA Approved 11/08/1989
Mar-don Court Condo A002192001 FHA Approved 10/05/1989
Ashley Park Of Goldsboro A002203001 FHA Approved 12/12/1995
Autumn Chase Condos A002205001 FHA Approved 04/01/1986
North Pines Condo A002208001 FHA Approved 09/29/1992
Cobblestone Condo A002209001 FHA Approved 09/04/1987
Northampton Condominiums A002210001 FHA Approved 12/20/1984
Tanglewood Farms Condo A002213001 FHA Approved 12/18/1989
Briarcliff Condominium A002214001 FHA Approved 03/17/1987
Clarendon House Condo A002215001 FHA Approved 02/11/1985
Ross Place Condo A002219001 FHA Approved 07/18/1985
Cotswold Village Condo A002222001 FHA Approved 01/09/1986
Shannon Green Ii Condos A002224001 FHA Approved 10/15/1999
Village Oaks Condos A002227001 FHA Approved 04/03/1997
River Ridge Condo A002230001 FHA Approved 10/08/1987
Colville Th Condo A002235001 FHA Approved 10/30/1987
Chatham Pines Condo A002241001 FHA Approved 04/02/1986
Wellington Woods Condos A002246001 FHA Approved 06/05/1987
1050 Washington Street Condo A002258001 FHA Approved 01/18/1991
Ridgewood Condos A002262001 FHA Approved 12/12/1995
Bradley Park Condos A002264001 FHA Approved 05/20/1987
Windsor Manor Condos A002267001 FHA Approved 03/01/1989
Wafco Mills Condos A002268001 FHA Approved 12/02/1987
Walden Oaks Condos A002274001 FHA Approved 09/23/1988
Sunset Hills Condo A002275001 FHA Approved 03/21/1988
Southwinds Condo A002277001 FHA Approved 12/05/1995
Historic Wafco Mill Condo A002281001 FHA Approved 03/29/1989
Rose Croft Ii A002292001 FHA Approved 05/13/1994
Carriage Village A002293001 FHA Approved 05/24/1994
English Court Condos A002295001 FHA Approved 12/14/1995
Meadowood Glen Condominiums A002296001 FHA Approved 12/30/1996
Mallard Square Townhomes-phs5a A002300001 FHA Approved 08/26/1998
Karen Lake Condominiums A002309001 FHA Approved 03/19/1999
Breezewood Of Raleigh A002310001 FHA Approved 10/13/1999