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Condo name Condo id Status Approval date
Fifteenth Ave. Gardens Condo 89-2 FHA Approved February 13, 1989
Columbia Street Condo 89-3 FHA Approved December 15, 1989
Fort Greene Partnership Homes 94-2 FHA Approved June 09, 1994
Clinton Hill Condominiums 96-25 FHA Approved November 04, 1996
232 Washington Condominium 96-6 FHA Approved March 14, 1996
Georgetown Village 98-02 FHA Approved February 18, 1998
The 2400 East 4 Th Street Condo CHOC-0004 FHA Approved
The 34 Crooke Avenue Condo CHOC-0034 FHA Approved
The Metropolitan Avenue CHOC-0055 FHA Approved
320 328 74 Th Street Condo CHOC-0133 FHA Approved
The 129 Meserole Street Condo P000007 FHA Approved September 14, 2009
The 306 Gold Street Condo P000019 FHA Approved September 21, 2009
Bergen Homes Condominium P000023 FHA Approved October 05, 2009
Greenmore Condominium P000026 FHA Approved September 21, 2009
Third & Bond Condominium P000039 FHA Approved September 29, 2009
273-275 Manhattan Avenue Condo P000046 FHA Approved September 29, 2009
1750 Dean Street Condominium P000047001 FHA Approved 10/30/2009
The Hawthorne P000074 FHA Approved October 07, 2009
892 Bergen Street P000078 FHA Approved October 09, 2009
The Midwood Manor Condominium P000123001 FHA Approved 11/03/2009
The 154 Skillman Avenue Condo P000144001 FHA Approved 11/12/2009
The 238-240 St Marks Ave P000145001 FHA Approved 11/12/2009
Vista Sixteen Hundred Beverley P000149001 FHA Approved 11/18/2009
The 1311 Pacific Street Condo P000152001 FHA Approved 11/18/2009
The Williamsburg Edge Condo P000157001 FHA Approved 11/20/2009
163 Washington Condominiums P000169001 Withdrawn,Results of project review 11/25/2009
715-717 Prospect Place Condo P000170001 FHA Approved 12/01/2009
The 616 Willoughby Ave Condo P000177001 FHA Approved 12/03/2009
The 727 Prospect Place P000181001 FHA Approved 12/04/2009
The 2400 East 4th Street Condo P003729001 FHA Approved 11/07/2008
105 Lexington Condominium P003734001 FHA Approved 02/05/2009
The Crown Condominiums P003741001 FHA Approved 03/18/2009
The 1142 Bedford Avenue Condo P003742001 FHA Approved 03/26/2009
The Townhouses On Gates P003754001 FHA Approved 04/29/2009
Nv 101 N 5th Condominium P003755001 FHA Approved 05/04/2009
The Glenwood 86 Condominium P003757001 FHA Approved 05/15/2009
The 38 Wilson Avenue Condo P003762001 FHA Approved 07/17/2009
7 Metrotech Condominium P003763001 FHA Approved 07/22/2009
The 821 Halsey Condominium P003764001 FHA Approved 07/22/2009
95 Lexington Avenue Condo P003766001 FHA Approved 07/27/2009
The Avenue K Developers Condo P003768001 FHA Approved 08/07/2009
Remsen Garden Condominium P003769001 FHA Approved 08/13/2009
Hancock House Condominium P003771001 FHA Approved 09/03/2009
127 Meserole Street P003778001 FHA Approved 09/01/2009
320-328 74th Street Condo P003780001 FHA Approved 08/21/2008
The Absolute Condominium P009630001 FHA Approved 12/10/2009
14 Hope Street Condominiums P009633001 FHA Approved 12/11/2009
The Sterling Place Condominium P009634001 FHA Approved 12/11/2009
Crown Bergen Condominium P009635001 FHA Approved 12/14/2009
904 Pacific St (the Dakota) P009639001 FHA Approved 12/15/2009
The 979 Willoughby Ave Condo P009649001 FHA Approved 12/17/2009
The Oakland Condominium P009666001 FHA Approved 12/22/2009
100 Gold Street P009670001 FHA Approved 12/23/2009
91-93 Metropolitan Ave Condo P009674001 FHA Approved 12/29/2009
The 337 Lenox Road Condominium P009686001 FHA Approved 01/04/2010
One Sunset Park Condominium P009698001 FHA Approved 01/06/2010
The Washington @ Clinton P009699001 FHA Approved 01/06/2010
117 Kent Avenue Condominium P009700001 FHA Approved 01/06/2010
The Conselyea P009705001 FHA Approved 01/08/2010
The 65 Clifton Place Condo P009711001 FHA Approved 01/11/2010
The 15-17 Judge Street Condo P009712001 FHA Approved 01/11/2010
Lumbini Garden 2006 Condo P009721001 FHA Approved 01/13/2010
Century Vintage Condominium P009740001 FHA Approved 01/19/2010
259 Ainslie Condominium P009741001 FHA Approved 01/19/2010
The 647/651 Maple Street Condo P009743001 FHA Approved 01/19/2010
Toren Condominium P009754001 FHA Approved 01/21/2010
Breakers @ Sheepshead Bay P009762001 Rejected,Other (specify in comments) 03/12/2010
The Park Place Condos P009766001 FHA Approved 01/25/2010
The Halsey Lodge Condominium P009783001 FHA Approved 01/27/2010
163washington Condominium P009795001 FHA Approved 01/28/2010
The One Powers Street Condo P009802001 FHA Approved 02/01/2010
The 365-367 Union Ave Condo P009816001 FHA Approved 02/02/2010
80 Metropolitan Avenue Condo P009817001 FHA Approved 02/02/2010
The Emmons Avenue Condominium P009843001 FHA Approved 02/09/2010
The 369 Harman Street Condo P009856001 FHA Approved 02/16/2010
The 651 Coney Island Avenue P009858001 FHA Approved 02/16/2010
Mccaren Park Mews P009861001 Rejected,Other (specify in comments) 02/16/2010
The 2 Northside Piers Condo P009862001 Rejected,Other (specify in comments) 03/19/2010
The Kosciusko Condominum P009882001 FHA Approved 02/19/2010
Kings Highway Condominium Ii P009896001 FHA Approved 02/23/2010
The 90 North 5th Street Condo P009898001 FHA Approved 02/23/2010
The 527 Court Street Cond P009930001 Rejected,Other (specify in comments) 03/01/2010
Glenmore Grove Condominiun P009940001 FHA Approved 03/02/2010
240 Frost Condominium P009955001 FHA Approved 03/03/2010
The Concorde Ix Condominium P009959001 FHA Approved 03/04/2010
Colony At Keap Condominium P009970001 FHA Approved 03/05/2010
The Cornelia Condominium P010033001 FHA Approved 03/12/2010
660 Bergen Condominium P010051001 FHA Approved 03/16/2010
122-132 Seigel St.condominium P010067001 FHA Approved 03/17/2010
The 943 Saint Marks Condominiu P010099001 FHA Approved 03/19/2010
500 4th Avenue Condominium P010122001 FHA Approved 03/22/2010
The 829 Bedford Avenue Condo P010160001 Rejected,Other (specify in comments) 03/25/2010
Greenwood Heights Condominium P010181001 FHA Approved 03/26/2010
The 29-35 South 3rd Street Con P010217001 FHA Approved 03/30/2010
Conselyea Court Condominium P010228001 FHA Approved 03/30/2010
Midwood Hall Condominium P010258001 FHA Approved 04/01/2010
The Roebling View North P010303001 FHA Approved 04/15/2010
The 66-68 North 1st Street P010309001 FHA Approved 04/07/2010
80-82 Adelphi Street P010361001 FHA Approved 04/12/2010
The 1151 36th Street Condo P010378001 FHA Approved 04/13/2010
Cobble Hill Towers Condominium P010382001 FHA Approved 04/14/2010
Atlantic Boerum P010383001 FHA Approved 04/14/2010
The 28 Newel St Condominium P010399001 FHA Approved 04/15/2010
The 99 Havemeyer Street Condom P010407001 FHA Approved 04/15/2010
The Elan Condominium P010414001 FHA Approved 04/16/2010
The Prospect Condominium P010447001 FHA Approved 04/20/2010
Belvedere X Condominium P010452001 FHA Approved 04/20/2010
The 30-48 South 2nd Street P010484001 FHA Approved 04/22/2010
The 53 Java Street Condominium P010505001 FHA Approved 04/22/2010
Grand Avenue Condominium P010519001 FHA Approved 04/22/2010
The Traymore Condominium P010555001 FHA Approved 04/27/2010
The 29 Montrose Ave P010556001 FHA Approved 04/27/2010
94 Bay Ridge Condominium P010557001 FHA Approved 04/27/2010
The 279 Lee Avenue Condominium P010589001 FHA Approved 04/28/2010
The 587, 589 & 591 Flushing Av P010624001 FHA Approved 04/30/2010
542 St. Marks Condominium P010633001 Rejected,Missing documents or incomplete package submission 05/03/2010
114 India Condominium P010645001 FHA Approved 05/03/2010
The Mark Condominium P010671001 Rejected,Missing documents or incomplete package submission 05/04/2010
The 251 South 3rd Street Condo P010678001 FHA Approved 05/05/2010
The 27-29 Quincy Street Condom P010732001 FHA Approved 05/07/2010