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We've searched the FHA Approved database for every zip code in this state. The information below is current as of June 24th 2010

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Condo name Condo id Status Approval date
Ridgeview Village Condominiums 476 Withdrawn
Eastbridge Garden Condominiums 484-1 FHA Approved
Eastbridge Garden Condominiums 484-2 Withdrawn
Heritage Villas Condominiums 550-1-2 FHA Approved December 06, 1984
Cabrillo Terrace,A Condominium 722 Withdrawn
Flamingo Ridge Condominiums 86-0048 Withdrawn
Peppertree Unit 1,2,3** 89-0140 Withdrawn
Verde Viejo Condominiums 90-0047 Withdrawn
Verde Viejo Condominiums 90-0048 Withdrawn
Verde Viejo Condominiums 90-0049 Withdrawn
Verde Viejo Condominiums 900048 Withdrawn
Legacy Condominiums 91-0005 Withdrawn
Legacy Condominiums 91-0008 Withdrawn
Legacy Condominiums 91-0009 Withdrawn
Legacy Condominiums 91-0011 Withdrawn
Legacy Condominiums Unit 1,2,3 91-0012 FHA Approved
Cabrillo Terrace,A Condominium 91-0125 Withdrawn
Cabrillo Terrace,A Condominium 91-0126 Withdrawn
Charlemont Condominiums 91-0162 FHA Approved October 09, 1991
Charlemont Condominiums 91-0164 Withdrawn
Verde Viejo Condominiums 91-0193 Withdrawn
Verde Viejo Condominiums 91-0194 Withdrawn
Verde Viejo Condominiums 91-0195 Withdrawn
Verde Viejo Condominiums 92-0030 Withdrawn
Verde Viejo Condominiums 92-0032 Withdrawn
Verde Viejo Condominiums 92-0036 Withdrawn
Verde Viejo Condominiums 92-0037 Withdrawn
Verde Viejo Condominiums 92-0038 Withdrawn
Verde Viejo Condominiums 92-0039 FHA Approved October 05, 1993
Charlemont Condominiums 92-0087 Withdrawn
Black Mountain Condominiums 92-0152 Withdrawn
Serenade Condominiums 92-0172 FHA Approved
Black Mountain (All Phases) 92-0290 FHA Approved
Serenade Condominiums 92-0386 Withdrawn
Verde Viejo Condominiums 9200356 Withdrawn
Island Park Condominiums 93-0012 FHA Approved October 28, 1993
Island Park Condominiums 93-0013 Withdrawn
Island Park Condominiums 93-0014 Withdrawn
Island Park Condominiums 93-0015 Withdrawn
Island Park Condominiums 93-0016 Withdrawn
Island Park Condominiums 93-0017 Withdrawn
Island Park Condominiums 93-0018 Withdrawn
Island Park Condominiums 93-0019 Withdrawn
Serenade Condominiums 93-0025 Withdrawn
Desert Linn Condo (all Phases) 93-0068 FHA Approved May 06, 1993
Black Mountain Condominiums 93-0072 Withdrawn
Desert Linn Condominiums 93-0520 Withdrawn
Cabrillo Terrace,a Condominium 93-0537 FHA Approved June 29, 1994
Country Hills Condominium 94-0079 Withdrawn
Country Hills Condominium 94-0082 FHA Approved May 08, 1996
Desert Linn Condominiums 94-0084 Withdrawn
Desert Linn Condominiums 94-0085 Withdrawn
Desert Linn Condominiums 94-0086 Withdrawn
Black Mountain Condominiums 94-0114 Withdrawn
Black Mountain Condo 94-0115 Withdrawn
Echo Glenn Condominiums 94-0187 FHA Approved December 02, 1998
Desert Linn Condominiums 95-0006 Rejected
Legacy Courtyard Condominiums 95-0101 Withdrawn
Resort Villa Condominiums 96-0032 Withdrawn
Aspen Peak, A Condominium ASPENPEAK FHA Approved July 25, 2008
Villa Azure Condominiums AZURE FHA Approved
Bighorn At Black Mountain BIGHORNAT FHA Approved February 27, 2008
Crescent Ridge CRESCENT FHA Approved
Gables Condominiums(the) GABLES FHA Approved March 05, 2004
Parcel 10 At Whitney Ranch GALLERIAV Withdrawn
Parcel 10 At Whitney Ranch GALLERIAV04B FHA Approved
Horizon Hills Condominiums HORIZON FHA Approved September 27, 2002
La Tesoro Homeowners Assoc. LATESORO FHA Approved
Black Mountain Condominiums LV92-0290 Withdrawn
Legacy Courtyard Condominiums LV95-0101 FHA Approved November 03, 1995
Ridgeview Village Condominiums LV96-0012 FHA Approved March 26, 1996
Arrowhead Pointe Condominiums LV96-0013 FHA Approved August 05, 1996
Scottsdale Valley Condominiums LV96-0023 FHA Approved
Pacific Legends Unit 1 & 2 LV960007A FHA Approved January 31, 1997
Acacias Condominiums LV97-0060 FHA Approved October 27, 1997
Mission Ridge Condominiums MISSIONR FHA Approved February 17, 2004
Mission Ridge Condominiums MISSIONR2 Withdrawn
Mission Ridge Condominiums MISSIONR6 Withdrawn
Mission Ridge Ii Unit 2 MISSIONRI Withdrawn
Mission Ridge Ii-unit 1 MISSIONRI001 FHA Approved
Ventana Canyon Patio Homes 3&4 RAINBOWVI Withdrawn
Peppertree Unit 1,2,3 ** S005371001 FHA Approved 03/25/1982
Mission Ridge Condominiums Ii S005576001 FHA Approved 02/17/2004
Tripoly At Stephanie S008456001 FHA Approved 04/21/2010