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We've searched the FHA Approved database for every zip code in this state. The information below is current as of June 24th 2010

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Condo name Condo id Status Approval date
Mark Twain Condominiums 85-0077 Withdrawn
Spring Oaks Iii 90-0001 Withdrawn
Spring Oaks Iii 90-0002 FHA Approved September 20, 1990
Spring Oaks Iii 90-0003 Withdrawn
Spring Oaks Iii 90-0004 Withdrawn
La Quinta Condominiums 91-0052 Withdrawn
La Quinta Condominiums 91-0197 Withdrawn
La Quinta Condominiums 91-0271 FHA Approved July 09, 1993
Brava Condominiums 92-0201 Withdrawn
Indian Wells Condominiums 92-0226 Withdrawn
Indian Wells Condominiums 92-0259 Withdrawn
Indian Wells Condominiums 92-0260 Withdrawn
Indian Wells Condominiums 92-0262 Withdrawn
Indian Wells Condominiums 92-0265 Withdrawn
Indian Wells Condominiums 92-0267 FHA Approved May 09, 1996
La Quinta Condominiums 92-0336 Withdrawn
Brava Condominiums 93-0245 Withdrawn
Brava Condominiums 93-0246 Withdrawn
Rock Springs Vista-unit 9 93-0485 FHA Approved May 12, 1994
Rock Springs Vista Unit 9 93-0487 Withdrawn
Fairway's Condominiums 94-0044 Withdrawn
Fairway's Condominiums 94-0045 Withdrawn
Fairway's Condominiums 94-0046 Withdrawn
Fairway's Condominiums 94-0048 FHA Approved August 26, 1996
Brava Condominiums 94-0126 Withdrawn
Brava Condominiums 94-0159 Withdrawn
Angel Point Condominiums 94-0168 Withdrawn
Angel Point Condominiums 94-0170 Withdrawn
Brava Condominiums 95-0036 Withdrawn
Angel Point Condominiums 95-0079 FHA Approved July 14, 1995
Angel Point Condominium Ii LV94-0168 Withdrawn
Angel Point Condominium Ii LV94-0169 Withdrawn
Brava Condominiums LV95-0036 Withdrawn
Brava Condominiums LV95-0037 FHA Approved May 21, 1996
Brava Condominiums LV95-0038 Withdrawn