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We've searched the FHA Approved database for every zip code in this state. The information below is current as of June 24th 2010

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Condo name Condo id Status Approval date
Executive House Condominiums 81COND001 FHA Approved May 04, 1981
Hawthorne Condominiums 81COND002 FHA Approved October 30, 1981
Mcpherson Condominium 81COND004 Withdrawn
Turnverein Condominiums 81COND007 FHA Approved December 03, 1981
Enright East Condominiums #1 82COND002 FHA Approved March 25, 1982
Lafayette Square Condominiums 82COND004 FHA Approved October 26, 1982
Virginia Ave. Condominiums 82COND008 Withdrawn
Lafayette Square Condominiums 82COND009 FHA Approved October 26, 1982
Laclede East Condominiums 83COND004 FHA Approved August 24, 1983
Lindell Terrace Condominiums 83COND005 FHA Approved February 04, 1983
Walton Condominium Iv 83COND011 FHA Approved February 16, 1983
Walton Condominium #1 83COND013 FHA Approved February 16, 1983
Benton Park Place Condominiums 85COND001 FHA Approved May 10, 1985
Nina Place Condo 88COND00501A FHA Approved
Lasalle Place Condominiums 88COND010 FHA Approved May 17, 1988
St John Nepomuk Condos 88COND018 FHA Approved June 22, 1988
Waterman Place Condominiums 89COND019 FHA Approved February 28, 1989
Tyler Place Condominium 90COND010 FHA Approved July 27, 1990
Waterman-pershing Condominiums 90COND013 FHA Approved August 13, 1990
Lucerne Condominium 91COND004 FHA Approved August 23, 1991
Warwick Condominiums 91COND006 FHA Approved December 09, 1991
The Hamptons Condominium 93COND001 Withdrawn
Debalivere Place West, Phase 2 95COND001 FHA Approved October 27, 2009
Debalivere Place West, Phase 1 95COND001001 FHA Approved
Debalivere Place West, Phase 3 95COND001003 FHA Approved
Lafayette Court I Townhouse 95COND002 FHA Approved June 30, 1995
Lafayette Court I Townhomes 95COND002001 FHA Approved
Bradford Court Condominium 95COND003 Withdrawn
Parc Terrace 97COND002 FHA Approved January 31, 1997
Compton Gate Condominiums D000023 FHA Approved October 27, 2009
Debalivere Place W, Phases 1-3 D002351001 FHA Approved 03/17/1995
Nina Place Condos D004945001 FHA Approved 01/28/2010
Lindenwood Lofts Condos D005028001 FHA Approved 02/03/2010
Ballpark Lofts Ii Condos D005029001 Rejected,Other (specify in comments) 02/03/2010
Mannering Condominums D005051001 FHA Approved 02/08/2010
Magnolia Place Condominuims D005203001 FHA Approved 04/03/2010
Maryland House Condominiums D005215001 Rejected,Other (specify in comments) 03/04/2010
Shenendoah Place Condominiums D005569001 Rejected,Other (specify in comments) 04/21/2010
Clara Park D005656001 FHA Approved 04/30/2010
Cornerstone Condominiums ST-C00003 FHA Approved October 30, 1998
Tusten Townhomes Condos ST-C00009 FHA Approved September 07, 1999
Knickerbocker Lofts, Ph 1 ST-C00016 FHA Approved November 20, 2000
Knickerbocker Lofts,ph 2 ST-C00022 FHA Approved May 25, 2001
Crown Loft Place Condominiums ST-C00123 FHA Approved May 15, 2008
Blu Condominiums ST-C00130 FHA Approved September 17, 2008
Packard Lofts Condominiums ST-C00131 FHA Approved September 17, 2008
Ballpark Lofts Ii Condominiums ST-C00132 FHA Approved September 17, 2008
Syndicate Residential Condos ST-C00134 FHA Approved
Syndicate Residential Condos ST-C00134001 FHA Approved
Senate Place Condominiums ST-C00135 FHA Approved
Senate Place Condominiums ST-C00135001 FHA Approved
The Del Clare Condominiums ST-C00138 FHA Approved January 07, 2009
Lindenwood Lofts Condominiums ST-C00139I FHA Approved
Pershing Avenue Condo Project ST-C00144 FHA Approved March 04, 2009
Waterman 4 Condominium ST-C00156 FHA Approved August 19, 2009