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We've searched the FHA Approved database for every zip code in this state. The information below is current as of June 24th 2010

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Condo name Condo id Status Approval date
161-165 West Sixth St. Condo. 633001 FHA Approved
Court Square Press Building P001010001 FHA Approved 11/13/2008
28 Vinton Condo Association P009736001 FHA Approved 01/15/2010
206-208 West 9th Street P009764001 FHA Approved 01/22/2010
357 West Fourth Street Condo P009772001 FHA Approved 01/25/2010
166 West Sixth Street Condo P009797001 FHA Approved 01/28/2010
11 Bell Court P009835001 FHA Approved 02/18/2010
15 Burrill Place Condominium P009840001 FHA Approved 02/09/2010
39 Old Harbor Street Condo P009848001 FHA Approved 02/18/2010
51 Woodward Street Condo P009889001 FHA Approved 02/22/2010
284 K Street Condominium P009915001 FHA Approved 02/25/2010
176 L Street Condominium P009933001 FHA Approved 03/01/2010
30 Woodward Street Condominium P009939001 FHA Approved 03/01/2010
58 Gates Street Condominium P009947001 FHA Approved 03/03/2010
150 Dorchester Avenue Condo P009951001 FHA Approved 03/03/2010
412 East Third St Condo P009968001 FHA Approved 03/04/2010
649 East Second Street Condo P009998001 FHA Approved 03/10/2010
313 K Street Condominium P010023001 FHA Approved 03/11/2010
140-142 West Seventh Street P010047001 FHA Approved 03/15/2010
285 E Street Condominium P010105001 FHA Approved 03/19/2010
150 1/2 M Street Condominium P010107001 FHA Approved 03/19/2010
549 E. 4th St. Condominium P010118001 FHA Approved 03/22/2010
793 East Third Street Condo P010120001 FHA Approved 03/22/2010
88 B Street Condominium P010223001 FHA Approved 03/30/2010
185 West Fifth Street Condo P010230001 FHA Approved 03/30/2010
202-206 K Street Condominium P010231001 FHA Approved 03/30/2010
521-523 East Second St Condo P010236001 FHA Approved 03/31/2010
Emerson Place Condominium P010246001 Withdrawn,Results of project review 04/01/2010
765 East Broadway Condo P010286001 FHA Approved 04/02/2010
505 East 5th Street Condo P010296001 FHA Approved 04/05/2010
4 O Street Condominium P010394001 FHA Approved 04/15/2010
187 Bowen Street Condominium P010444001 FHA Approved 04/19/2010
582 East Fourth Street Condo P010481001 FHA Approved 04/21/2010
12 Vinton Street P010540001 FHA Approved 04/26/2010
29 Vinton Street Condominium P010571001 FHA Approved 04/27/2010
237-239 Bolton Condos P010637001 FHA Approved 05/03/2010
161-165 West Sixth Street P010699001 FHA Approved 05/06/2010
14 Mitchell Street Condominium P010726001 FHA Approved 05/07/2010