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Condo name Condo id Status Approval date
Annapolis Overlook ASP1265-1 FHA Approved August 20, 1991
Annapolis Overlook ASP1265-2 FHA Approved January 12, 1993
Admiral's Reach @ Harbour Gate ASP1350 FHA Approved
Windgate Condominiums ASP1753 FHA Approved
Windgate Condominiums ASP1753-1 FHA Approved July 21, 1995
Windgate Condominiums ASP1753-2 FHA Approved August 01, 1995
Windgate Condominiums ASP1753-3 FHA Approved April 24, 1996
Windgate Condominiums ASP1753-4 FHA Approved May 14, 1996
Windgate Condominiums ASP1753-5 FHA Approved February 28, 1996
Windgate Condominiums ASP1753-6 FHA Approved December 18, 1995
Windgate Condominiums ASP1753-7 FHA Approved December 31, 1995
Windgate Condominiums ASP1753-8 FHA Approved May 29, 1996
Windgate Condominiums ASP1753-9 FHA Approved April 24, 1996
Windgate Condominiums ASP1753-B FHA Approved June 01, 1995
Windgate Condominiums ASP175310 FHA Approved November 25, 1996
Windgate Condominiums ASP175311 FHA Approved July 24, 1996
Windgate Condominiums ASP175312 FHA Approved December 11, 1995
Windgate Condominiums ASP175313 FHA Approved March 20, 1996
Windgate Condominiums ASP175314 FHA Approved December 11, 1995
Windgate Condominiums ASP175315 FHA Approved June 26, 1997
Windgate Condominiums ASP175316 FHA Approved March 21, 1997
Windgate Condominiums ASP175317 FHA Approved September 24, 1996
Windgate Condominiums ASP175318 FHA Approved February 19, 1997
Windgate Condominiums ASP175319 FHA Approved October 17, 1996
Windgate Condominiums ASP175320 FHA Approved September 17, 1997
Windgate Condominiums ASP175322 FHA Approved October 30, 1997
Windgate Condominiums ASP175323 FHA Approved September 05, 1996
Windgate Condominiums ASP175325 FHA Approved June 26, 1997
Windgate Condominiums ASP175326 FHA Approved October 17, 1996
Windgate Condominiums ASP175327 FHA Approved March 20, 1997
Windgate ASP175328 Pending
Windgate ASP175330 FHA Approved August 22, 1997
Windgate ASP175331 FHA Approved December 09, 1997
Windgate Townhomes ASP175332 FHA Approved July 15, 1998
Windgate Townhomes ASP175333 FHA Approved December 02, 1998
Windgate Townhomes ASP175335 Pending
Windgate ASP175336 FHA Approved July 06, 1999
Windgate Condominium ASP175337 FHA Approved June 25, 1998
Windgate Condominium ASP175338 FHA Approved October 07, 1998
Windgate ASP175339 FHA Approved December 17, 1997
Windgate ASP175340 FHA Approved February 04, 1998
Windgate Condominiums ASP175341 FHA Approved May 04, 1998
Tidewater Towns Condominium ASP1770-1 FHA Approved September 22, 1995
Tidewater Towns Condominium ASP1770-2 FHA Approved October 11, 1995
Tidewater Towns Condominium ASP1770-3 FHA Approved November 03, 1995
Tidewater Towns Condominium ASP1770-4 FHA Approved December 11, 1995
Tidewater Towns Condominium ASP1770-5 FHA Approved May 21, 1996
Tidewater Towns Condominium ASP1770-6 FHA Approved May 03, 1996
Tidewater Towns Condominium ASP1770-7 FHA Approved April 10, 1996
Tidewater Towns Condominium ASP1770-8 FHA Approved February 08, 1996
Tidewater Garden Condominium ASP1770-9 FHA Approved January 18, 1996
Tidewater Towns Condominium ASP1770-A FHA Approved
Tidewater Garden Condominium ASP177012 Pending
Tidewater Colony Of Annapolis ASP177018 FHA Approved
Tidewater Section 2 Garden ASP177019 FHA Approved
Tidewater Section 2 Garden ASP177022 FHA Approved
Tidewater Section 2 Garden ASP177023 FHA Approved
Tidewater ASP177026 Pending
Tidewater ASP177027 FHA Approved
Tidewater Sect.Ii Garden Condo ASP177028 FHA Approved
Tidewater Sect.Ii Garden Condo ASP177029 FHA Approved
Tidewater Towns Condominium ASP177033 FHA Approved
Rivergate ASP1958 FHA Approved
Rivergate ASP1958-1 FHA Approved
Seabreeze Condominium CHOC-0004 FHA Approved
College Parkway Place CHOC-0013 FHA Approved
Scott's Crossing Condominium CHOC-0043 FHA Approved
New Summer Place,North Village FHAC15 FHA Approved
Georgetown East Condominium FHAC17 FHA Approved
Admiral's Reach @ Harbour Gate FHAC46-2 FHA Approved
Heritage Harbour FHAC57 FHA Approved
Carver Street Condominium FHAC72 Pending
Dreams Landing P004597001 FHA Approved 01/15/1987
Hilltop Village P004610001 FHA Approved 01/15/1980
222 West Condominium P004778001 FHA Approved 04/28/2009
Dutch Glen P004905001 FHA Approved 01/01/1987
Farragut Village P004999001 FHA Approved 08/21/1998
Farragut Village Townhomes P005000001 FHA Approved 08/21/1998
Grandview@annapolistownecentre P009829001 FHA Approved 02/04/2010
Riva Commons V64 FHA Approved