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We've searched the FHA Approved database for every zip code in this state. The information below is current as of June 24th 2010

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Condo name Condo id Status Approval date
Deep Creek Common@ Bay Hills ASP1251 FHA Approved
Deep Creek Commons ASP1251-1 FHA Approved July 21, 1993
Dorado Hills-bay Hills ASP1284 FHA Approved
Dorado Hills ASP1284-A FHA Approved December 28, 1990
Bluffs @ Deep Creek "the" ASP1346 FHA Approved
Bluffs @ Deep Creek "the" ASP1346-1 FHA Approved December 05, 1991
Bluffs @ Deep Creek "the" ASP1346-2 FHA Approved April 15, 1992
Pine Valley Condominium ASP1401-1 FHA Approved June 08, 1993
Pine Valley ASP1401-2 FHA Approved July 01, 1993
Pine Valley ASP1401-A FHA Approved June 02, 1992
Barksdale Condominium Assoc. ASP1525 Pending
Barksdale Condominium Assoc. ASP1525-1 FHA Approved October 30, 1995
Barksdale Condominium Assoc. ASP1525-A FHA Approved July 23, 1993
Fairways @ Bay Hills ASP1650 Pending
Fairways @ Bay Hills ASP1650-1 FHA Approved May 06, 1996
Fairways @ Bay Hills ASP1650-A FHA Approved December 19, 1994
Bay Hills Townhouses Regime 2 FHAC-75-A FHA Approved December 13, 1995
Deep Creek Commons@dorado Hill FHAC22 FHA Approved February 03, 1992
Falcon Crest Twhse Condominium FHAC74 FHA Approved
Falcon Crest Townhouse Condo FHAC74-A FHA Approved September 25, 1995
Falcon Crest Townhome Condo FHAC74-A1 FHA Approved December 09, 1998
Falcon Crest Townhome Condo FHAC74-A2 FHA Approved January 28, 1999
Falcon Crest Condominium FHAC74A1 FHA Approved September 30, 1998
Divinty Cove P004595001 FHA Approved 01/15/1980
North Port Condo V-41 FHA Approved February 27, 1986
Oakmont V-58 FHA Approved January 28, 1991
Point Of Woods V-78 FHA Approved July 20, 1992
Tanglewood At Oakmont V-8 FHA Approved June 21, 1990
Bayhills Townhomes V57 FHA Approved March 11, 1994
Colonial Ridge Regime V75 FHA Approved May 02, 1996
Colonial Ridge Regime VAC07 FHA Approved August 21, 1998
North Port VAC26 FHA Approved August 24, 1998
Oakmont VAC27 FHA Approved August 24, 1998
Point Of Woods VAC30 FHA Approved August 24, 1998
Tanglewood At Oakmont VAC38 FHA Approved August 24, 1998
Tanglewood VAC39 FHA Approved August 24, 1998
The Bluffs VAC40 FHA Approved August 24, 1998