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We've searched the FHA Approved database for every zip code in this state. The information below is current as of June 24th 2010

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Condo name Condo id Status Approval date
Aeloa Terrace,village Ii Condo AELOAT FHA Approved October 19, 1995
Aeloa Terrace Condominiums AELOATER FHA Approved March 27, 1997
Kekuilani Villas Condominiums KEKUILANI FHA Approved December 20, 1993
Ko Olina Fairways Condominiums KOOLINA FHA Approved March 19, 1997
Kulalani Village Condominiums KULALANIV FHA Approved January 12, 1994
Makakilo Cliffs Condominiums MAKACLIFF FHA Approved July 12, 1990
Makakilo Gardens Condominiums MAKAGARD FHA Approved September 24, 1979
Makakilo Mala Condominiums MAKAMALA FHA Approved January 01, 1980
Malanai Iki Condominiums MALAIKI FHA Approved May 15, 1996
Nanala At Mehana NANALA FHA Approved February 05, 2009
Nohona At Kapolei NOHONA FHA Approved December 11, 2008
Pae Ko Gardens Condominiums PAEKOGARD FHA Approved April 21, 1995
Palehua Gardens Condominiums PALEGARD FHA Approved June 13, 1977
Palehua Hale Condominiums PALEHALE FHA Approved June 07, 1978
Palehua Hillside Condominiums PALEHILL FHA Approved January 25, 1980
Palehua Nani Condominiums PALENANI FHA Approved October 10, 1984
Palehua Townhouses Condominium PALETOWN FHA Approved January 01, 1980
Palehua Villas Condominiums PALEVILL FHA Approved November 19, 1984
Makakilo Hale Condominiums S000383001 Withdrawn,Other (specify in comments) 04/12/2010
Watercolors At Makakilo Condos WATERCOLO FHA Approved October 15, 2002
Westview At Makakilo Heights WESTVIEW Withdrawn