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Condo name Condo id Status Approval date
Cathedral Point-melemanu CATHPOIN FHA Approved February 28, 1992
Crescent Lane Condominiums CRESCENTL001 FHA Approved
Destiny At Mililani Condos DESTINY001 FHA Approved
Destiny Ii At Mililani Mauka DESTINY2001 FHA Approved
Gardens At Launani Valley GARLAUVLY001 FHA Approved
Hale Kaloapau Condominiums HALEKALO FHA Approved July 02, 1981
Hampton Court I & Ii Condos HAMPTONCT FHA Approved August 08, 2001
Havens Of I'i Vistas Phase 2 HAVENSLIV002 FHA Approved
Hillsdale Condominiums HILLSDALE001 FHA Approved
H0'aloha Ike Condominiums HOALOHA001 FHA Approved
Ho'aloha Ike Ii Condominiums HOALOHAII001 FHA Approved
Hokuahi Condominiums HOKUAPRT FHA Approved January 01, 1980
Hokuala Hale Condominiums HOKUHALE FHA Approved June 02, 1976
Holaniku Hale Condominiums HOLANIKU FHA Approved January 01, 1980
Island Classics At Kapanoe KAPANOE Rejected
Ku'ulako Condominiums KU'ULAKO Withdrawn
Kuahelani Condominiums KUAHELANI FHA Approved May 25, 1976
Kumelewai Gardens Condominiums KUMELEGAR FHA Approved February 03, 1992
Kumelewai Courts Condominiums KUMELEWAI FHA Approved May 01, 1991
Ku'ulako Condominiums KUULAKO001 FHA Approved
Destiny At Mililani Mauka MAUKA001 FHA Approved
Destiny At Mililani Mauka MAUKA002 FHA Approved
Destiny At Mililani Mauka MAUKA003 FHA Approved
Meheula Hale Patio Homes MEHEULAPA FHA Approved May 15, 1981
Havens Of I'i Vistas, Phase 1 MF-106 FHA Approved
Havens Of I'i Vistas, Phase 1 MF-106I FHA Approved
Mililani Garden Homes I & Ii MILIGDN FHA Approved January 01, 1980
Mililani Manor Condominiums MILIMANO FHA Approved December 14, 1979
Mililani Pinnacle Condominiums MILIPINNA FHA Approved February 24, 1989
Mililani Parkway Condominiums MILIPKWY FHA Approved May 31, 1994
Mililani Terrace Condominiums MILITERR FHA Approved November 15, 1985
Mililani Townhouses Iii Condos MILITOWN FHA Approved January 01, 1980
Northpointe At Mililani Condos N.POINTE FHA Approved June 05, 2000
Nahoa Condominiums NAHOAPAR FHA Approved March 31, 1986
Nob Hill Condominiums NOBHILL FHA Approved February 16, 1977
Northbrook Condominiums NORTHBRO FHA Approved January 01, 1980
Northpointe Condominiums NORTHPOIN Withdrawn
Northpointe Terrace Condos NORTHPOIN004 FHA Approved
Northpointe Condominiums NORTHPOIN01A FHA Approved
Opua Hale Patio Homes OPUAHALE FHA Approved January 01, 1980
Pine Knoll Villas Condominiums PINEKNOLL FHA Approved January 01, 1980
Ridge At Launani Valley Condos RIDLAUVLY FHA Approved December 30, 1992
Spruce Ridge Villas Condos SPRUCRGE FHA Approved April 08, 1981
Streamside At Launani Valley STRLAUVLY001 FHA Approved
Terraces At Launani Valley TERLAUVAL Withdrawn
Terraces At Launani Valley TERLAUVLY FHA Approved July 28, 1995
Valleyview Condominiums VALLVIEW FHA Approved November 16, 1982
Waikalani Woodlands Condos WAIKWOOD FHA Approved September 26, 1980
Waipio Gardens Condominiums WAIPIOGN FHA Approved June 30, 1982
Waipiolani Condominiums WAIPIOLA FHA Approved March 16, 1988
Woodlawn Terrace-melemanu * WOODTERR FHA Approved July 22, 1983