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Condo name Condo id Status Approval date
M 000 Rejected
Alameda Towers 000000003 Withdrawn
Green Lake 000000093 FHA Approved
Hialeah Club Villas 000000098 FHA Approved
Hialeah Club Villas 0000000981-3 FHA Approved
Hydra Villas At Samari Lakes 000000101 FHA Approved May 01, 1989
J.R. Condominium 000000118 FHA Approved
J.r. Condominium 0000001181-3 FHA Approved
L 000000132 Withdrawn
Lago Grande Condominium 000000135 FHA Approved August 01, 1986
L 000000137 Withdrawn
Vista Del Lago Condominium 000000140 FHA Approved June 01, 1983
Laguna Del Rey Condo 000000141 FHA Approved March 01, 1987
Natalie Suites 000000178 FHA Approved December 01, 1988
Uevilla Gardens Condo 000000233 Withdrawn
Villas Del Lago 000000268 FHA Approved
Villas Del Lago 0000002681-8 FHA Approved
Villas Of Westland Condo 000000271 FHA Approved December 01, 1988
El Prado Vii 000000272 Rejected
V 000000273 Rejected
V 000000274 Rejected
Westland Village Condo 000000282 FHA Approved November 21, 2001
Delgado-wagner Tract 000000311 FHA Approved January 02, 1990
Quasar Twin Homes Condominium 000000364 FHA Approved April 03, 1990
Kings Crest Condo 000000420 FHA Approved June 22, 1990
Roca Condo 000000441 FHA Approved August 03, 1990
Villas At Samari Lake 000000478 FHA Approved October 29, 1990
Las Bellezas Condo 000000499 FHA Approved December 06, 1990
Flamingo Condominium 000000522 FHA Approved January 25, 1991
Las Brisas Townhouse 0000005411-4 FHA Approved
Buenavista Lakes 000000553 Withdrawn
Alhambra Viii Condominium 000000662 FHA Approved May 10, 1991
L 000000758 Withdrawn
Alhambra V Condominium 000000766 FHA Approved February 07, 1992
Royal Palms 000001047 FHA Approved December 14, 1995
Segovia Villas,a Condominium 000001098 FHA Approved August 27, 1997
Second West Lake Condominium 00000232A FHA Approved August 01, 1986
Villa Vizcaya A Condominium 00092C035 FHA Approved May 23, 2001
El Pueblo De Vera A Condo 01092C037 FHA Approved August 31, 2001
La Luna Condominium 01092C042 FHA Approved November 01, 2001
Lago Azul Condominium 02092C004 FHA Approved April 24, 2002
Race Track Condominium 02092C005 FHA Approved April 11, 2002
Ready Condominum 02092C006 FHA Approved April 18, 2002
El Pueblito Condo 02092C007 FHA Approved April 17, 2002
Baracoa Condominium 02092C024 FHA Approved December 27, 2002
Hialeah Condominium 02092C034 FHA Approved October 09, 2002
Bella Villas Las Palmas Condo 02092C043 Withdrawn
Valencia Gardens Condo 025000258 FHA Approved March 01, 1988
Bella Villa Las Palmas Condo 03092C002 FHA Approved December 13, 2002
Floridian Condominium 03092C005 FHA Approved April 23, 2003
The Courts Of Kendall 06092C034 FHA Approved October 24, 2006
Parkview Condominium 08092C034 FHA Approved August 20, 2008
Green Oaks, A Condominium 08092C062 Rejected
Malaga Condominium 08092C097 FHA Approved November 03, 2008
West Palm Villas V Condo 98092C012 FHA Approved August 12, 1999
Silver Gardens Ph Iv 98092C018 Withdrawn
Tropical Court Villas 98092C030 FHA Approved August 30, 1999
Cadiz I, A Condominium 99092C006 FHA Approved May 01, 1999
Crowngate Villas Ii 99092C015 Withdrawn
Tropicare Villas Bldgs 1 4 99092C028 FHA Approved
Savannah Condominium 99092C044 FHA Approved
Alcazar Villas, Phases 1-14 A001659001 FHA Approved 05/01/1992
Galeria Iii A001660001 FHA Approved 06/04/1993
West Palm Villas Iii C-1-96 Rejected
West Palm Gardens Villas C-10-91 FHA Approved
Vista Alegre Townhomes Condo C-10-96 Rejected
Galeria Villas C-11-91A FHA Approved
L C-13-88 Withdrawn
West View Villas Condo Ph Ii C-13-90 Withdrawn
E C-13-95 Rejected
West View Villas Condominium C-19-88 FHA Approved
Alameda Towers 2 & 3 C-23-88 Withdrawn
Galeria Two C-5-92 FHA Approved
Galeria Two, Phase 2 C-5B-92 Withdrawn
E C-6-91A Rejected
Alameda Jardins C-7-91 FHA Approved
L C-8-88 Withdrawn
West Palm Garden Villas Ii C-9-92 FHA Approved
West Palm Gardenvillas Ii Ph 2 C-9B-92 Withdrawn