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We've searched the FHA Approved database for every zip code in this state. The information below is current as of June 24th 2010

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Condo name Condo id Status Approval date
1706 U Street Condominium 1706UST FHA Approved
Chateau Theirry CHATEAUT FHA Approved
The Magdaline Condominium CHOC-0193 FHA Approved July 18, 2008
Kalorama Court Condominium CHOC-0229 FHA Approved August 28, 2008
Cityscape On Belmont Condo CHOC-0230 FHA Approved August 27, 2008
The Viya Condominium CHOC-0257 FHA Approved October 16, 2008
Condominium De Las Marias CHOC-0260 FHA Approved October 21, 2008
The Flats At Union Row Condo CHOC-0261 FHA Approved October 21, 2008
Warehouse@union Row, A Condo CHOC-0272 FHA Approved February 10, 2009
Vernon Street Condominium CHOC-0278 FHA Approved February 20, 2009
Ontario Overlook, A Condo CHOC-0279 FHA Approved February 26, 2009
The Stratford Condominium CHOC-0298 FHA Approved May 01, 2009
The Chapin Ciara Condominium CHOC-0311 FHA Approved June 04, 2009
Elysium Condominium CHOC-0326 FHA Approved July 30, 2009
1617 Swann Street Condominium CHOC-0336 FHA Approved August 25, 2009
1407 W Condominium CHOC-0371 FHA Approved November 06, 2008
The Flats @ The Meridian CHOC-0377 FHA Approved November 21, 2008
The Solea Condominium CHOC-0390 FHA Approved March 03, 2009
The Haddon Condo HADDON FHA Approved July 26, 1990
Lynshire LYNSHIRE FHA Approved April 13, 1993
Ekbatana Condominium P000005001 FHA Approved 10/29/2009
The Erie Condominium P000087 FHA Approved October 13, 2009
Lincoln Condominium P006926001 FHA Approved 05/10/2000
The Berkeley Condominium P009664001 FHA Approved 12/22/2009
The Fahrenheit Condominium P009703001 FHA Approved 01/07/2010
1466 Harvard Street Condominiu P009756001 FHA Approved 01/21/2010
1640 21st Street P009897001 FHA Approved 02/23/2010
The Portsmouth Condominiums P009984001 FHA Approved 03/05/2010
Langston Hughes Condominiums P009985001 FHA Approved 03/05/2010
The Kai Condominium P009988001 FHA Approved 03/08/2010
The Roydon Condominium P010046001 FHA Approved 03/15/2010
Bishops Gate Condominium P010171001 FHA Approved 03/25/2010
Tennyson, The P010192001 FHA Approved 03/26/2010
Woodley, The P010203001 FHA Approved 03/29/2010
Oakville Condominium P010219001 FHA Approved 03/30/2010
The Bradley P010278001 FHA Approved 04/02/2010
1830 18th Street Nw P010281001 FHA Approved 04/02/2010
1815 19th Street Condominium P010324001 FHA Approved 04/08/2010
Galvin Condominiums P010409001 FHA Approved 04/15/2010
Vista Hill Condominium P010448001 FHA Approved 04/20/2010
Residences Of Columbia Hts P010470001 FHA Approved 04/21/2010
Beekman Place Condominium P010515001 FHA Approved 04/22/2010
Nova Vitalis P010525001 FHA Approved 04/23/2010
The Fremont Condominium P010577001 FHA Approved 04/27/2010
Barret School Lofts P010677001 FHA Approved 05/05/2010
Matheson P010680001 FHA Approved 05/05/2010
1419 Girard Street P010681001 FHA Approved 05/05/2010
The Jason Condominium P010698001 FHA Approved 05/06/2010
New Phoenix PHOENIX FHA Approved August 14, 1996
The Pierre PIERRE FHA Approved November 26, 1993
New Williamsburg WILLBURG FHA Approved
Winston Mews Condo WINSTONM FHA Approved