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We've searched the FHA Approved database for every zip code in this state. The information below is current as of June 24th 2010

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Condo name Condo id Status Approval date
Fannie Lou Hamer Condominium CHOC-0060 FHA Approved
318 Rhode Island Ave Condo CHOC-0061 FHA Approved
Madrigal Lofts CHOC-0249 FHA Approved October 02, 2008
City Suites CHOC-0252 FHA Approved October 02, 2008
Landmark Lofts Condominium CHOC-0254 FHA Approved October 08, 2008
The Old City Condominium CHOC-0255 FHA Approved October 10, 2008
The 410 Condominium CHOC-0264 FHA Approved October 23, 2008
The Rosedale Condominium CHOC-0284 FHA Approved March 04, 2009
219 Vista Condominium CHOC-0291 FHA Approved March 27, 2009
The Renee Condominium CHOC-0297 FHA Approved April 29, 2009
1648 Montello Condominium CHOC-0302 FHA Approved May 11, 2009
412 19th Street Condominium CHOC-0373 FHA Approved November 07, 2008
Century Court Condominium CHOC-0376 FHA Approved November 23, 2008
Brookland House Condominium CHOC-0381 FHA Approved December 05, 2008
The Harriman Condominium HARRIMAN FHA Approved April 21, 1993
Logan School LOGAN FHA Approved November 17, 1989
Masonic Temple MASONICT FHA Approved
Eckington Row Condominium P000042 FHA Approved September 28, 2009
The Courtney West Ii Condo P000066 FHA Approved October 07, 2009
1018 Florida Avenue, A Condo P000108001 FHA Approved 10/29/2009
The Mercer @ Eckington P000165001 FHA Approved 11/23/2009
The Huron Condominium P007036001 FHA Approved 03/25/2008
The Michael Condominium P009704001 FHA Approved 01/07/2010
Lovejoy Lofts Condominium P009957001 FHA Approved 03/03/2010
The Jordan Flats Condominiums* P010006001 FHA Approved 03/09/2010
The Alfone Condominium P010021001 FHA Approved 03/11/2010
The J.k.k. Condominium P010195001 FHA Approved 03/29/2010
Namora P010273001 FHA Approved 04/02/2010
The Almansya Condominium P010397001 FHA Approved 04/15/2010
The Edgewood Condominium P010420001 FHA Approved 04/16/2010
The Henrietta Condominium P010603001 FHA Approved 04/29/2010
Park Tower PARKTOWER FHA Approved January 02, 1993
Wylie Courts WYLIECT FHA Approved