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We've searched the FHA Approved database for every zip code in this state. The information below is current as of June 24th 2010

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Condo name Condo id Status Approval date
Juniper House Condominium CHOC-0130 FHA Approved
Eleventh Street Condominium CHOC-0191 FHA Approved July 11, 2008
The Floridian Condominium CHOC-0197 FHA Approved July 18, 2008
Yale Steam Laundry Condominium CHOC-0238 FHA Approved September 15, 2008
City Vista K Street CHOC-0251 FHA Approved September 30, 2008
Marion Street Flats Condo CHOC-0253 FHA Approved October 08, 2008
Parker Flats At Gage School CHOC-0259 FHA Approved October 22, 2008
The Rhapsody Condominium CHOC-0274 FHA Approved February 11, 2008
The Providence Condominium CHOC-0293 FHA Approved March 30, 2009
The Renaissance@logan Condo CHOC-0304 FHA Approved May 14, 2009
The Lacey Condominium CHOC-0325 FHA Approved July 29, 2009
Grayson Condominium CHOC-0337 FHA Approved August 27, 2009
Logan Court I-v Condominium LOGANCT FHA Approved
The Nebraska NEBRASKA FHA Approved March 06, 1990
Stella Polaris Condominiums P000098001 FHA Approved 10/30/2009
The Josephine Condominium P009643001 FHA Approved 12/15/2009
The Apple Condominium P009689001 FHA Approved 01/05/2010
The Nine, A Condominium P009694001 FHA Approved 01/05/2010
902 T Street Condominiums P009726001 FHA Approved 01/14/2010
The Euclid Condominium P009755001 FHA Approved 01/21/2010
400 Massachusetts Avenue Nw P010275001 FHA Approved 04/02/2010
The Condominiums @ Rhode Isl** P010293001 FHA Approved 04/05/2010
The Sinmi At Columbia Heights P010457001 FHA Approved 04/20/2010
Quincy Court Condo P010467001 FHA Approved 04/21/2010
Sixth & S Homes, A Condominium P010539001 FHA Approved 04/26/2010
Logan Park Condominium P010563001 FHA Approved 04/27/2010
The Whitman Condo P010598001 FHA Approved 04/28/2010
125 T Street P010641001 FHA Approved 05/03/2010
The Residence At Gallery Place P010643001 Rejected,Missing documents or incomplete package submission 05/03/2010
The 1200 Euclid, A Condominium P010663001 FHA Approved 05/04/2010