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We've searched the FHA Approved database for every zip code in this state. The information below is current as of June 24th 2010

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Condo name Condo id Status Approval date
Franklin Village 850022HAC Withdrawn
Franklin Villa Estates #1 850023HAC Withdrawn
Franklin Villa Estates # 2 850024HAC Withdrawn
Franklin Villa Estates #2 A,2 B 850025HAC Withdrawn
Hillsdale Estates Unit No 7 850035HAC FHA Approved April 16, 1969
Hillsdale Unit #14 850036HAC FHA Approved December 03, 1968
Hurley Place #1-3 850039HAC FHA Approved September 07, 1979
Hurley Place #1 3 850040HAC Withdrawn
Madison Villa Estates 850045HAC FHA Approved January 24, 1968
Haggin Park 850050HAC FHA Approved March 24, 1977
Hurley Place #1 3 850074VAC Withdrawn
Timberlake Condominiums 850085VAC FHA Approved May 05, 1988
Hillsdale Oaks 850091HAC FHA Approved May 08, 1988
Hillsdale Estates Unit No 9 850093HAC FHA Approved May 08, 1988
Rivara Woods 850096VAC FHA Approved October 11, 1985
Gardens, The 850097VAC FHA Approved March 02, 1982
Hemlock Street Condominiums 860011VAC FHA Approved August 21, 1986
Garfield Park 870010VAC FHA Approved March 11, 1987
Fulton Square Phase Iii 890002VAC Withdrawn
Cobblestone Glen Unit No.1 & 2 890004VAC FHA Approved June 24, 1992
South Lake Shores Condominiums 900004HRC FHA Approved February 28, 1991
Laguna Big Horn Condominiums BIGHORN November 16, 2007
Hampton Village Hoa HAMPTONVI January 10, 2007
Hampton Village Condomiums HAMPTONVI010 FHA Approved
Hampton Village Condominiums HAMPTONVI011 FHA Approved
Hampton Village Condominiums HAMPTONVI012 FHA Approved
Hampton Village Condominiums HAMPTONVI013 FHA Approved
Hampton Village HAMPTONVI023 FHA Approved
Hampton Village Condominiums HAMPTONVI1-4 FHA Approved
Hampton Village Condominiums HAMPTONVI5-9 FHA Approved
Highlands HIGHLANDS FHA Approved
Lesarra Homeowners Association LESARRA July 05, 2008
Madrone@empire Ranch MADRONE April 28, 2008
Ville Maison MAISON FHA Approved
Montessa Attached Homes MONTESSA July 24, 2007
Mystique MYSTIQUE FHA Approved May 02, 2008
Laguna Pointe Condominiums NORTHLAGU August 21, 2009
Out Look At Treehouse Comm. OUTLOOKAT July 03, 2008
Park Place At Regency Park PARKPLAC FHA Approved
Park Place At Regency Park PARKPLAC001 FHA Approved
Park Place At Regency Park PARKPLAC002 FHA Approved
The Phoenician Hoa PHOENICIA January 05, 2005
Parcel Map 4774, Lot 500 REGATTA May 24, 2008
The Rivage Condo Assoc RIVAGE June 02, 2008
Amara Condominiums S008113001 FHA Approved 03/05/2010
Lincoln Crossing Comm. Assoc. SIERRAVW January 23, 2007
Vessona Homeowners Association VESSONA June 30, 1990
The Village At Washington Park VILLAGE FHA Approved June 26, 2001
Villemont Condominium VILLEMONT February 04, 2008