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Condo name Condo id Status Approval date
1201 Denali 1201DENAL FHA Approved September 17, 1997
Castle Place Condominiums 129827 June 14, 1999
Stonegate Villa Condominiums 74-159 FHA Approved September 18, 1999
Whisperwood Townhomes,hoa 99507 October 12, 2007
Whisperwood Townhomes, 99507001 FHA Approved
Abbott Park ABBOTT FHA Approved April 16, 1993
Adana Village ADANA FHA Approved October 17, 1995
Alaska Landings Subdivision AKLANDING FHA Approved December 31, 1993
Alpine Village ALPINEVIL FHA Approved April 01, 1998
College Alps Condominiums ALPS FHA Approved January 14, 2008
Amberwood Park Condominiums AMBERWOOD FHA Approved January 21, 2005
American Meadows AMERMEAD FHA Approved December 22, 1997
Anchorage Manorhouse ANCHMANOR FHA Approved December 13, 2002
Ascent One Condo Owners Assoc. ASCENT1 December 29, 1993
Ascent Ii Condo Owners Assoc. ASCENT2 September 01, 1993
Aspen Heights Townhomes ASPEN001 FHA Approved
Aspen Heights Townhomes ASPEN002 FHA Approved
Aspen Heights Townhomes ASPEN003 FHA Approved
Aspen Heights Townhomes ASPEN004 FHA Approved
Aspen Heights Townhomes ASPEN005 FHA Approved
Aspen Heights Townhomes ASPEN006 FHA Approved
Aspen Heights Townhomes ASPEN007 FHA Approved
Aspen Heights Townhomes ASPEN008 FHA Approved
Aspen Heights Townhomes ASPEN009 FHA Approved
Aspen Heights ASPENHTS FHA Approved August 24, 1998
Aspen Ridge ASPENRIGE FHA Approved March 22, 1996
Augusta Woods Condominiums AUGUSTAWD FHA Approved July 26, 1995
Aurora Arms Condominiums AURORAAM December 20, 1991
Bainbridge Court Condo Assoc. BAINBRIDG August 28, 2003
Bainbridge Court Condominiums BAINBRIDG001 FHA Approved
Bainbridge Court Condominiums BAINBRIDG002 FHA Approved
Baxter Heights BAXTERHT FHA Approved
Campbell Creek Terrace Condos BELLCREEK FHA Approved June 01, 2006
Birch Hill Condominiums BIRCHHILL FHA Approved March 18, 1996
Birch Knoll Condominiums BIRCHKNLL Withdrawn
Birch Knoll Condominium Assoc. BIRCHKNOL June 18, 2001
Birch Knoll Condos(all Phases) BIRCHKNOL001 FHA Approved
Boston Square Condominiums BOSTONSQ Withdrawn
Boston Square Condo Assoc. BOSTONSQR December 12, 2001
Boston Square Condominiums BOSTONSQRALL FHA Approved
Bragaw Square Condominiums BRAGAWSQ FHA Approved
Briarcliff Condominium Assoc. BRIARCLIF January 27, 1991
Briarcliff Condominiums BRIARCLIFI FHA Approved
Briarcliff Condominiums BRIARCLIFII FHA Approved
Briarcliff Townhomes BRIARTOWN FHA Approved April 27, 2007
Brittany Rock Condominiums BRITTANY FHA Approved July 08, 2004
Broadmoor Townhome Condominium BROADMOOR FHA Approved June 02, 1997
Broadmoor Townhomes West BROADWEST FHA Approved April 24, 2000
Brookshire Condominiums BROOKSHIR FHA Approved June 07, 2005
Burton Court Villas Condo * BURTONCT December 13, 2002
Burton Court Villas Condos BURTONCT001 FHA Approved
Campbell Green Heights Condo* CAMPBELL April 11, 2001
Campbell Green Heights Condo CAMPBELL001 FHA Approved
Campbell Creek Duplex Condos * CAMPBELLC March 05, 2001
Campbell Creek Duplex Condos CAMPBELLC002 FHA Approved
Campbell Park Place CAMPBELLP FHA Approved March 26, 2009
Campbell Green Condominiums CAMPGREEN FHA Approved July 11, 1994
Cape Hatteras Condominiums CAPEHATTE April 13, 1998
Cape Hatteras At Commodore Pk. CAPEHATTEALL FHA Approved
Carleton Square CARLETOSQ March 08, 1995
Carleton Square CARLETOSQII FHA Approved
Caroline Commons Condominium CAROLINEC Rejected
Castle Heights CASTLEHGT FHA Approved September 28, 1995
Cedar Park CEDARPARK FHA Approved January 03, 2001
Cedar Ridge CEDARRIDG FHA Approved April 30, 1991
Cedarsard Condominiums CEDARSARD FHA Approved October 04, 1994
Center Point Condominium CENTERPT September 23, 2003
Chelsea Square CHELSEASQ Rejected
Cheney Place Lakeside CHENYPLLA FHA Approved April 20, 1992
Cheney Vista CHENYVIST FHA Approved July 21, 1994
Cherry Ridge Condominiums CHERRYRDG FHA Approved May 18, 2001
Chester Creek Townhouse CHESTCREE FHA Approved May 07, 1992
Chevigny Court CHEVIGNCT FHA Approved June 02, 1997
Chinook Estates CHINOKEST FHA Approved June 28, 1996
Checkpoint Condominiums CHKPOINT FHA Approved
Chugach Meadows Condominiums CHMDWCOND FHA Approved August 11, 2006
Chugach Meadows Townhomes Ii CHUGACH Rejected
Chugach Meadows Townhomes Ii CHUGACH2 FHA Approved June 24, 2005
Chugach Meadows Townhomes Iii CHUGACH3 April 23, 2007
Chugach Meadows Townhomes Iii CHUGACH3001 FHA Approved
Chugach Meadows Townhomes Iii CHUGACH3002 FHA Approved
Chugach Foothills CHUGACHFT FHA Approved May 01, 1996
Chugach Townhouse CHUGACHTN FHA Approved February 26, 1998
Chugach Meadows Townhomes CHUGACMDW FHA Approved August 18, 2004
Chugach View Condo I,ii,iii CHUGVIEW FHA Approved
Chugach Villa CHUGVILLA FHA Approved September 03, 1992
Clear Creek Condominiums CLEARCREE April 25, 2002
Clear Creek Condominiums CLEARCREE001 FHA Approved
Clear Creek Condominiums CLEARCREE002 FHA Approved
Clear View Condominiums CLEARVIEW FHA Approved February 27, 2003
Cloverwood Condominiums CLOVERWOD February 15, 2002
Cloverwood Condominiums CLOVERWOD001 FHA Approved
Country Oaks CNTRYOAKS FHA Approved June 24, 1996
Country Square CNTRYSQUA July 07, 1994
Country Square CNTRYSQUAI FHA Approved
Collegegate East Condominium COLLGATEA FHA Approved October 03, 1996
College Place COLLPLACE FHA Approved February 06, 1996
College Square COLLSQUAR FHA Approved June 24, 1994
Colonial Manor Condominium COLONIAL FHA Approved January 11, 1995
Commodore Park Townhome Condo COMMODPAR FHA Approved February 12, 2001
Contempo One CONTEMPOI FHA Approved December 24, 2002
Cordova Square Condominiums CORDOVASQ FHA Approved October 01, 2009
Cottonwood Village Condominium COTNWDVIL FHA Approved August 13, 1993
Crawford Park,a Condominium CRAWFORDP FHA Approved September 12, 2001
Crescent Hills Condominium * CRESCENTH October 26, 2005
Crescent Hills Condominium CRESCENTH001 FHA Approved
Crestview CRESTVIEW FHA Approved September 15, 1994
Crystal Manor Condominiums CRYSTAL FHA Approved
Castles Of Bryn Mawr Condo CSTBRYNMA June 29, 1995
Castles Of Bryn Mawr Condo CSTBRYNMAII FHA Approved
Cottonwood Village Condominium CTNWDVIL Withdrawn
D & E Condominium Association D&ECONDO May 03, 2008
D & E Condominium D&ECONDO001 FHA Approved
Deepwood I & Ii DEEPWOOD1 FHA Approved April 09, 1996
Deepwood Ii DEEPWOOD2 Withdrawn
Denali Court DENALICT FHA Approved
Denali Park Place Condominiums DENALIPRK FHA Approved June 15, 2005
Dewberry Commons Townhomes DEWBERRY FHA Approved May 16, 2008
Diamond Subdivision-lot 3 & 4 DIAMOND FHA Approved April 16, 2003
Dimond Place DIMONDPLA October 05, 1995
Dimond Place DIMONDPLAI FHA Approved
Dimondridge Twnh Condominium DIMONDRDG December 22, 1999
Dimondridge Twnh Condominium DIMONDRDG001 FHA Approved
Dimondwood Condominiums DIMONDWOO FHA Approved October 17, 2002
Discovery Park Owners Assoc DISCPARK June 30, 2009
Discovery Park Townhomes DISCPARKA FHA Approved
Discovery Park Townhomes DISCPARKB FHA Approved
Discovery Park Townhomes DISCPARKC FHA Approved
Discovery Park Townhomes DISCPARKD FHA Approved
Discovery Park Townhomes DISCPARKF FHA Approved
Discovery Park Townhomes DISPARK March 02, 2009
Discovery Park Townhomes DISPARKD FHA Approved
Discovery Park Townhomes DISPARKE FHA Approved
Dove Tree Townhomes Assoc. DOVETREE May 22, 2009
Dowling At The Park DOWLING FHA Approved February 22, 2006
Dyer Manor DYERMANOR FHA Approved September 25, 1993
Eagle Landing South EAGLEL.S FHA Approved
Eagle Landing EAGLELAND FHA Approved September 16, 1997
Eagle's Nest Condominium Assoc EAGLENEST October 30, 2007
Eagle Place Condominium Assoc. EAGLEPLA September 24, 2001
Eagle Terrace Condominiums EAGLETERR FHA Approved June 21, 2007
Eastlake Condominium EASTLAKE Withdrawn
Eastlake Condominium EASTLAKEI FHA Approved
East Quarter EASTQUART March 08, 1995
East Quarter EASTQUART001 FHA Approved
Eastridge Condominiums EASTRIDGE FHA Approved June 03, 1990
Eastside Estates Condo Assoc. EASTSIDE April 22, 2005
Eastside Estates Condominiums EASTSIDEI FHA Approved
Eastview Condominium Assoc,inc EASTVIEW FHA Approved January 29, 2004
Elijah Ba Estate Condominium ELIJAHBA FHA Approved
Elite Townhomes ELITE FHA Approved October 21, 2008
Eastside Village ESIDEVILL FHA Approved October 25, 1993
Eastridge 4 Condominium I-iii ESTRIDGE4 FHA Approved August 12, 1994
East Thunderbird Condo I & Ii ETHUNDERB FHA Approved September 03, 1997
Fatai Villa Condominiums FATAIVILL FHA Approved December 27, 2005
Fire Eagle Condominium Assoc. FIREEAGLE August 26, 2004
Forest Grove Townhomes FORESTGR March 10, 2006
Forest Village FORESTVI FHA Approved June 12, 2008
Forest View Condominiums FORESTVW FHA Approved
The Fountains FOUNTAINS Rejected
Foxridge Condominiums FOXRIDGE February 06, 1995
Foxridge Condominiums FOXRIDGEI FHA Approved
Foxtree FOXTREE FHA Approved May 10, 1991
Foxwood I,ii,iii,iv,v FOXWOOD83 FHA Approved April 16, 1997
Frontier Village FRONTVILL FHA Approved January 09, 1998
Foothills Addition FTHILSADD FHA Approved February 04, 2000
Foothills View FTHILSVW FHA Approved
Foxwood FXWOOD1,2 Withdrawn
Glacier Estates GLACIERES FHA Approved May 21, 2001
Glenn Haven Condominium GLENNHAV FHA Approved
Golden Birch Condo Assoc. GOLDENBIR July 05, 1994
Gregg Subdivision I,ii GOLDENBIRI FHA Approved
Greenwich Commons GREENWICH FHA Approved November 09, 1994
Grand Larry Condominium Assoc. GRNDLARRY FHA Approved August 27, 2001
Great Place GRTPLACE FHA Approved January 11, 1991
Hampton Place Ii HAMPT.PL2 January 10, 1991
Hampton Place Ii HAMPT.PL2I FHA Approved
Hampton Green Condo Assoc. HAMPTON December 02, 2003
Hampton Green Condominiums HAMPTON001 FHA Approved
Hampton Green Condominiums HAMPTON002 FHA Approved
Hampton Green Condominiums HAMPTON003 FHA Approved
Hampton Place Condominium HAMPTONPL FHA Approved August 12, 1994
Hanson Square Condo Own Assoc. HANSONAC May 11, 2001
Hanson Square Sub Unit No.1 HANSONAC001 FHA Approved
Hearthstone Condominiums,hoa HEARTHSTO October 30, 2007
Hearthstone Condominiums HEARTHSTO001 FHA Approved
Hearthstone Condominiums HEARTHSTO002 FHA Approved
Heatherwood Condominiums HEATHERWD FHA Approved July 23, 2001
Heatherstone Village HEATHSTVL May 04, 1995
Heatherstone Village HEATHSTVLI FHA Approved
Heritage Townhouse Condominium HERITAGE001 FHA Approved
Hermitage Park HERTMITAG FHA Approved October 18, 1992
Hidden Retreat Condo Assoc. HIDDEN June 23, 2003
Hidden Retreat Condominiums HIDDEN001 FHA Approved
Hillcrest South HILCRSTSO Rejected
Hillbrook Condominium Assoc. HILLBROOK April 19, 2004
Hillbrook Condominiums HILLBROOK001 FHA Approved
Hillbrook Condominiums HILLBROOK002 FHA Approved
Hillbrook Condominiums HILLBROOK003 FHA Approved
Hillbrook Condominiums HILLBROOK004 FHA Approved
Hillbrook Condominiums HILLBROOK005 FHA Approved
Hillbrook Condominiums HILLBROOK007 FHA Approved
Hillcrest Park I,ii,iii HILLCRPAR FHA Approved April 17, 1998
Hillcrest Commons Hoa HILLCRSTC March 29, 2004
Hillcrest Commons (all Phases) HILLCRSTC001 FHA Approved
Hillside Village Hoa HILLSIDVL June 20, 1991
Hillside Village, Phase I,ii HILLSIDVLI FHA Approved
Hilltop Manor HILLTOP FHA Approved February 12, 2009
Hillside West HILSIDWST FHA Approved September 30, 1996
Hanson Acres Apt Bldg Condos HNSNACRES May 11, 2007
Hanson Acres Condominiums HNSNACRES001 FHA Approved
Independence Park INDEPENPK Withdrawn
Kandlewood Park KANDLEWD FHA Approved November 02, 1990
Kandlewood KANDLWOOD Withdrawn
Kapingen KAPINGEN FHA Approved April 21, 1997
Kendall Crossing Condominiums KENDALLCR June 20, 2002
Kendall Crossing Condominiums KENDALLCR001 FHA Approved
Kincaid Terrace Condominiums KINCAID FHA Approved August 10, 2000
Kincaid Terrace Condominiums KINCAIDT Withdrawn
Kingsford Park KINGSFDPK FHA Approved February 09, 1995
Lakehurst Villas Townhomes LAKEHURST FHA Approved July 13, 2007
Lakeridge Commons Townhomes LAKERDGCM August 09, 2004
Lakeridge Commons Townhomes LAKERDGCM001 FHA Approved
Lakeridge Commons Townhomes LAKERDGCM002 FHA Approved
Lakeridge Commons Townhomes LAKERDGCM003 FHA Approved
Lakeridge Commons Townhomes LAKERDGCM004 FHA Approved
Lakeridge Commons Townhomes LAKERDGCM005 FHA Approved
The Lakeridge Twnh Own Assoc** LAKERIDGE May 16, 2001
Lakeridge Townhomes-all Phases LAKERIDGE001 FHA Approved
Lake View Estates Association LAKEVIEW November 22, 2005
Laurel Park Condominiums LAURELPK March 09, 2000
Laurel Park Condominiums LAURELPK001 FHA Approved
Lauren Creek Townhomes LAURENCRK January 23, 2009
Lauren Creek Townhomes LAURENCRK001 FHA Approved
Lauren Creek Townhomes LAURENCRK002 FHA Approved
Lauren Creek Townhomes LAURENCRK003 FHA Approved
Lauren Creek Townhomes LAURENCRK004 FHA Approved
Lauren Creek Townhomes LAURENCRK005 FHA Approved
Lauren Creek Townhomes LAURENCRK006 FHA Approved
Lauren Creek Townhomes LAURENCRK007 FHA Approved
Lauren Creek Townhomes LAURENCRK008 FHA Approved
Lauren Creek Townhomes LAURENCRK009 FHA Approved
Lauren Creek Townhomes LAURENCRK010 FHA Approved
Lauren Creek Townhomes LAURENCRK011 FHA Approved
Lauren Creek Townhomes LAURENCRK012 FHA Approved
Madison Ridge Condominiums MADISON FHA Approved August 20, 2004
Malibu Meadows Townhomes * MALIBUMDW September 13, 2004
Malibu Meadows Townhomes MALIBUMDW001 FHA Approved
Mc Carrey Park MCARREYPK FHA Approved December 22, 1994
Mclean Court Condominiums MCLEAN FHA Approved March 30, 2004
Meadow Ridge Condominiums MEADOWRID FHA Approved March 31, 1991
Meadowview Condo Owners Assoc. MEADOWVW November 07, 1991
Meadowview (phase I & Ii) MEADOWVWI FHA Approved
Midlands,the MIDLANDS FHA Approved February 19, 1992
Midtown Courts Condominium MIDTOWNCT February 23, 2001
Midtown Courts Condominium MIDTOWNCT001 FHA Approved
Morningside Park Hoa MORNINGSD March 03, 2003
Morningside Park Condominiums MORNINGSD001 FHA Approved
Mountain Ash Condominiums MOUNTAINA FHA Approved January 11, 2000
Mountain Rose Est Condo Own* MTNROSE October 04, 2001
Mountain Rose East Condos MTNROSEE September 21, 2007
Mt Vernon Commons MTVERNON FHA Approved August 30, 1993
Nob Hill Condominiums NOBHILL May 03, 1991
Northpointe Bluff Condos 1 NORTHPTE May 27, 2009
Northpointe Bluff Condos One NORTHPTE001 FHA Approved
Northshore I,ii,iii NORTHSHOR FHA Approved August 22, 1992
North View, Phase I & Ii NORTHVIEW FHA Approved December 09, 2003
Northshore Landings Condo NSHORELND May 12, 2005
Northshore Landings Condo NSHORELND001 FHA Approved
Northshore Landings Condo NSHORELND002 FHA Approved
Northshore Landings Condo NSHORELND003 FHA Approved
Northshore Landings Condo NSHORELND004 FHA Approved
Northshore Landings Condo NSHORELND005 FHA Approved
Northshore Landings Condo NSHORELND006 FHA Approved
Oak Ridge Planned Community OAKRIDGE FHA Approved November 03, 2006
**o'brien Southeast Estates OBRIENSO October 19, 2006
O'brien Southeast Estates OBRIENSO001 FHA Approved
Ocean Point Townhomes OCEANPT November 21, 2001
Ocean Point Condominiums OCEANPT001 FHA Approved
Ocean View Terrace(all Phases) OCEANVIEW March 02, 1999
Ocean View Terrace Condominium OCEANVIEW001 FHA Approved
Oceanview South Condominiums OCEVIESOU FHA Approved June 28, 1999
Parkdale West Condominiums PARKDALEW FHA Approved April 08, 1993
Park Forrest PARKFORR FHA Approved
Parkplace Condominiums PARKPLACEI FHA Approved
Parkridge Condominiums PARKRIDGE May 12, 1997
Parkridge Condominiums PARKRIDGEI FHA Approved
Park Way Condominiums PARKWAY June 29, 1994
Patterson Parkway PATTERSON FHA Approved November 17, 1998
Patterson Townhouse Condo PATTERSON001 FHA Approved
Peppercrest Condominium Assoc. PEPPCREST September 25, 1992
Peppercrest Condo's Phase I&ii PEPPCRESTII FHA Approved
Pepper Tree Condominiums PEPPERTRE001 FHA Approved
Pioneer Estates Condo PIONEER FHA Approved July 12, 2006
Piper Hill Condominiums PIPERHIL September 28, 1995
Piper Hill Condominiums PIPERHILI FHA Approved
Parkway Plaza Condominiums PKWYPLAZA July 10, 2001
Parkway Plaza Condominiums PKWYPLAZA001 FHA Approved
Port Commons PORTCOMMO FHA Approved August 28, 2003
Potlach Circle POTLACHCR FHA Approved April 15, 1991
Prosperity PROSPERIT Rejected
Rae Ann(Pud Not A Condo) RAEANN Withdrawn
Ravencrest Condominiums RAVENCST FHA Approved June 08, 1986
Ravenhill Condominiums RAVENHILL FHA Approved March 25, 1991
Reflection Lake Townhomes REFLECTIO FHA Approved January 25, 2001
Ridgewood Townhomes RIDGEWOOD June 14, 2002
Ridgewood Condominiums RIDGEWOOD001 FHA Approved
River's Edge Condominium Assoc RIVER'SED October 23, 2001
River Park Condominiums RIVER-PK Withdrawn
Mendota Park Subdivision RIVEREDGE May 23, 2006
River Park Condominiums RIVERPK FHA Approved March 27, 2007
Rockwood Estates ROCKWOOD FHA Approved January 26, 1998
Rosewood Park Condominiums ROSEWDPK March 11, 1999
Rosewood Park Condominiums ROSEWDPK001 FHA Approved
Russian Jack Manor Condominium RUSSIANJK January 05, 2007
Russian Jack Manor Condominium RUSSIANJK001 FHA Approved
Russian Jack Park RUSSJKPAR FHA Approved December 03, 2008
Ryan's Cove RYANSCOVE FHA Approved May 21, 2008
Aspen Ridge Condominium S005675001 FHA Approved 03/22/1996
Bella Vista South Condominium S005681001 FHA Approved 06/18/2003
Little Moose Tract A S005693001 FHA Approved 08/17/2000
Cambridge Townhomes Condo S005694001 FHA Approved 03/01/1999
Cape Hatteras S005698001 FHA Approved 12/05/2009
Cedar Crest Phase I S005701001 FHA Approved 10/17/1995
Cheney Vista Condominium S005707001 FHA Approved 07/21/1994
Contempo I S005731001 FHA Approved 12/24/2002
Cordova Ridge Condominiums S005732001 FHA Approved 12/09/2005
Diamond Condominiums S005747001 FHA Approved 04/16/2003
Dimondwood, A Condominium S005749001 FHA Approved 10/17/2002
Eastside Village Condominium S005769001 FHA Approved 10/25/1993
Frontier Village Condominiums S005781001 FHA Approved 01/09/1998
Highland Pointe Townhome Condo S005802001 FHA Approved 08/03/2004
Indian Gardens Condominiums S005808001 FHA Approved 08/30/2005
Meadows Condominium,the S005829001 FHA Approved 12/13/1993
Melody Commons Condominiums S005830001 FHA Approved 11/19/2004
The Midlands S005832001 FHA Approved 02/19/1992
Park Forrest Condominiums S005852001 FHA Approved 04/07/2003
Taju-deen Village Condominiums S005922001 FHA Approved 05/14/2001
Timber Manor S005927001 FHA Approved 12/19/1996
Town East S005928001 FHA Approved 09/06/1995
Towne East Plaza Condominium S005930001 FHA Approved 02/12/1998
Tudor Townhouse Condominiums S005934001 FHA Approved 07/19/2000
Tudor East Condominiums S005936001 FHA Approved 06/19/2003
Victoria Hill Iii Condominium S005944001 FHA Approved 10/03/2002
View Circle Condominiums S005945001 FHA Approved 10/21/2008
Woodlake Addition Condominiums S005949001 FHA Approved 09/10/1993
Whisperwood Commons S005956001 FHA Approved 10/21/2008
Whisperwood Hill Condominiums S005959001 FHA Approved 06/02/2005
Clearwater Village@creekside S007699001 FHA Approved 12/10/2009
Briella Estates S007745001 FHA Approved 12/14/2009
Chandler's Cove Condominiums S007749001 FHA Approved 12/14/2009
Aspen Hieghts Townhomes S007768001 FHA Approved 12/14/2009
Rose Hill Townhomes S007782001 FHA Approved 12/15/2009
Bootlegger Cove Condos S008063001 FHA Approved 04/08/2010
Victoria Hill Condominium S008163001 FHA Approved 03/12/2010
Arctic Fox Condominiums S008173001 FHA Approved 03/15/2010
Stella Place Townhomes Owners S008274001 FHA Approved 04/29/2010
Midtown Condominiums S008330001 Rejected,Missing documents or incomplete package submission 04/06/2010
Delaney Square S008556001 Rejected,Missing documents or incomplete package submission 05/03/2010
Sandalwood Square SANDLWD FHA Approved July 27, 1992
South Collegegate East SCOLLEAST FHA Approved November 09, 1994
Seacliff Plaza SEACLIFP FHA Approved
Seacliff Terrace Condos SEACLIFT FHA Approved
Seclusion Cove Condominiums SECLUSION FHA Approved October 21, 2008
Sentry Condominiums SENTRY FHA Approved September 27, 1996
Silver Fox Condominiums SILVERFOX FHA Approved September 13, 2006
Skookum Hollow SKOOKUM FHA Approved August 27, 1998
Skycrest Villa SKYCREST FHA Approved November 14, 1995
Snowbird Chalet I Condo Assoc. SNOWBIRDC May 20, 2002
Snow View Condominiums SNOWVIEW December 09, 1996
South Haven Condominium SOUTHAVEN FHA Approved March 08, 1995
South Park Condominiums SOUTHPARK FHA Approved September 03, 1999
Southside Estates SOUTHSIDE FHA Approved January 24, 1993
South Sun Condominiums SOUTHSUN FHA Approved
Spicewood Condominium SPICEWOOD FHA Approved September 27, 1996
Spinnaker Bay Townhomes SPINNAKER001 FHA Approved
Spruce Townhouse Condominiums SPRUCETH August 27, 1998
Spyglass Hill Condominiums SPYGLASSH June 18, 2003
Spyglass Hill Condominiums SPYGLASSH001 FHA Approved
Spyglass Hill Condominiums SPYGLASSH002 FHA Approved
Spyglass Hill Condominiums SPYGLASSH003 FHA Approved
Spyglass Hill Condominiums SPYGLASSH004 FHA Approved
Steeplechase Condominiums STEEPLE FHA Approved April 20, 1995
Stonegate Royale Condo STNGTEROY FHA Approved September 02, 1994
Stonegate Villa Condominiums STNGTEVIL Rejected
Stonehaven Manor Condo Assoc. STONEHAVE October 01, 2003
Summer Stone Townhomes Condos SUMMERSTN FHA Approved
Sunchase Condominiums SUNCHASE FHA Approved June 21, 2005
Sundance Terrace SUNDANCE FHA Approved
Sun Ridge Condominiums SUNRIDGE Withdrawn
Sunrise Terrace SUNRISET FHA Approved
Sunset West SUNSETWST FHA Approved July 11, 1995
Susitna View Condominiums SUSITNAVW FHA Approved December 16, 2003
Taos Timberwolf Condominiums TAOSTIMBR July 01, 1994
Terrace Twenty One Condominium TERRACE21 FHA Approved January 30, 2003
Thunderbird Terrace THUNDBDTE FHA Approved September 01, 1995
Town West TOWNWEST FHA Approved
Eagle Crossing Tract F1g2 TRAILSEND March 23, 2009
Tudor Place Condominiums* TUDORPL FHA Approved
Tudor Square Condominiums TUDORSQR Withdrawn
Turf Court Condominiums TURFCT Withdrawn
Turnagain South Townhomes TURNAGAIN FHA Approved June 05, 2009
Turnagain West Condominiums TURNAGAW FHA Approved
Turnagain Woods Condominiums TURNAGAWD FHA Approved June 06, 1993
Turnagain Woods North Condos TURNWOODS FHA Approved July 11, 1997
Towne Chalet Condominiums TWNCHALE FHA Approved
Towne East Commons Condominium TWNESTCOM FHA Approved
Victoria Hills I Condominiums VICTHILLS FHA Approved
Viking One VIKINGI FHA Approved July 23, 1992
Villa Candalaria VILLACAND February 12, 1998
Villa Candalaria VILLACANDI FHA Approved
Wagner Estates Tract A WAGNERES FHA Approved
Woodridge Condominiums WDRIDGE FHA Approved
Wells Place Condominiums WELLSPLA FHA Approved
West Bluff Condominium WESTBLUFF FHA Approved September 16, 2009
Westlynn Condos WESTLYNN FHA Approved October 06, 1998
Westlynn Townhome Condominiums WESTLYNN003 FHA Approved
Westown Square Condominiums WESTOWNSQ FHA Approved August 13, 1990
Westwood Vista Condominiums WESTWDVIS FHA Approved September 04, 1991
Westwood Vista Condominiums WESTWOVIS Withdrawn
Whispering Cove Condominiums WHISPERCV FHA Approved
Whisperwood Square WHISPERS FHA Approved
Whisperwood Park Condominiums WHISPERWO FHA Approved
Wildberry Condominiums WILDBERRY FHA Approved October 09, 2002
Windjammer Condominium WINDJAMMR FHA Approved November 15, 2002
Wooded Acres Condominium WOODEDACR FHA Approved
Do Not Use This Id See Remarks WOODLAND Withdrawn
Wood River Condominium Assoc. WOODRIVER May 07, 2002
Zephyr Field Estates Condos ZEPHYR October 27, 2008