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We've searched the FHA Approved database for every zip code in this state. The information below is current as of June 24th 2010

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Condo name Condo id Status Approval date
Alpine Village ALPINEVIL FHA Approved April 01, 1998
Amberwood Park Condominiums AMBERWOOD FHA Approved January 21, 2005
American Meadows AMERMEAD FHA Approved December 22, 1997
Augusta Woods Condominiums AUGUSTAWD FHA Approved July 26, 1995
Baxter Heights BAXTERHT FHA Approved
Brittany Rock Condominiums BRITTANY FHA Approved July 08, 2004
Brookshire Condominiums BROOKSHIR FHA Approved June 07, 2005
Burton Court Villas Condos BURTONCT001 FHA Approved
Chelsea Square CHELSEASQ Rejected
Cheney Place Lakeside CHENYPLLA FHA Approved April 20, 1992
Cheney Vista CHENYVIST FHA Approved July 21, 1994
Cherry Ridge Condominiums CHERRYRDG FHA Approved May 18, 2001
Chugach Foothills CHUGACHFT FHA Approved May 01, 1996
Chugach Townhouse CHUGACHTN FHA Approved February 26, 1998
Chugach View Condo I,ii,iii CHUGVIEW FHA Approved
Clear Creek Condominiums CLEARCREE001 FHA Approved
Clear Creek Condominiums CLEARCREE002 FHA Approved
Clear View Condominiums CLEARVIEW FHA Approved February 27, 2003
Collegegate East Condominium COLLGATEA FHA Approved October 03, 1996
Cottonwood Village Condominium COTNWDVIL FHA Approved August 13, 1993
Cottonwood Village Condominium CTNWDVIL Withdrawn
Deepwood I & Ii DEEPWOOD1 FHA Approved April 09, 1996
Deepwood Ii DEEPWOOD2 Withdrawn
Eastlake Condominium EASTLAKE Withdrawn
Eastlake Condominium EASTLAKEI FHA Approved
Eastview Condominium Assoc,inc EASTVIEW FHA Approved January 29, 2004
Elijah Ba Estate Condominium ELIJAHBA FHA Approved
Eastside Village ESIDEVILL FHA Approved October 25, 1993
Forest Village FORESTVI FHA Approved June 12, 2008
Foothills Addition FTHILSADD FHA Approved February 04, 2000
Foothills View FTHILSVW FHA Approved
Grand Larry Condominium Assoc. GRNDLARRY FHA Approved August 27, 2001
Hampton Place Ii HAMPT.PL2I FHA Approved
Hampton Place Condominium HAMPTONPL FHA Approved August 12, 1994
Heritage Townhouse Condominium HERITAGE001 FHA Approved
Hilltop Manor HILLTOP FHA Approved February 12, 2009
Mclean Court Condominiums MCLEAN FHA Approved March 30, 2004
Meadow Ridge Condominiums MEADOWRID FHA Approved March 31, 1991
Midlands,the MIDLANDS FHA Approved February 19, 1992
North View, Phase I & Ii NORTHVIEW FHA Approved December 09, 2003
Patterson Parkway PATTERSON FHA Approved November 17, 1998
Patterson Townhouse Condo PATTERSON001 FHA Approved
Pepper Tree Condominiums PEPPERTRE001 FHA Approved
Pioneer Estates Condo PIONEER FHA Approved July 12, 2006
Parkway Plaza Condominiums PKWYPLAZA001 FHA Approved
Prosperity PROSPERIT Rejected
Rae Ann(Pud Not A Condo) RAEANN Withdrawn
Ravenhill Condominiums RAVENHILL FHA Approved March 25, 1991
Reflection Lake Townhomes REFLECTIO FHA Approved January 25, 2001
Cheney Vista Condominium S005707001 FHA Approved 07/21/1994
Eastside Village Condominium S005769001 FHA Approved 10/25/1993
Highland Pointe Townhome Condo S005802001 FHA Approved 08/03/2004
Meadows Condominium,the S005829001 FHA Approved 12/13/1993
Melody Commons Condominiums S005830001 FHA Approved 11/19/2004
The Midlands S005832001 FHA Approved 02/19/1992
Taju-deen Village Condominiums S005922001 FHA Approved 05/14/2001
Timber Manor S005927001 FHA Approved 12/19/1996
Town East S005928001 FHA Approved 09/06/1995
Towne East Plaza Condominium S005930001 FHA Approved 02/12/1998
Tudor Townhouse Condominiums S005934001 FHA Approved 07/19/2000
Tudor East Condominiums S005936001 FHA Approved 06/19/2003
Victoria Hill Iii Condominium S005944001 FHA Approved 10/03/2002
Woodlake Addition Condominiums S005949001 FHA Approved 09/10/1993
Whisperwood Commons S005956001 FHA Approved 10/21/2008
Whisperwood Hill Condominiums S005959001 FHA Approved 06/02/2005
Clearwater Village@creekside S007699001 FHA Approved 12/10/2009
Victoria Hill Condominium S008163001 FHA Approved 03/12/2010
South Collegegate East SCOLLEAST FHA Approved November 09, 1994
South Park Condominiums SOUTHPARK FHA Approved September 03, 1999
Spicewood Condominium SPICEWOOD FHA Approved September 27, 1996
Summer Stone Townhomes Condos SUMMERSTN FHA Approved
Sun Ridge Condominiums SUNRIDGE Withdrawn
Tudor Square Condominiums TUDORSQR Withdrawn
Turf Court Condominiums TURFCT Withdrawn
Towne East Commons Condominium TWNESTCOM FHA Approved
Victoria Hills I Condominiums VICTHILLS FHA Approved
Woodridge Condominiums WDRIDGE FHA Approved
Whispering Cove Condominiums WHISPERCV FHA Approved
Whisperwood Square WHISPERS FHA Approved